Review for The World Is Ours

The World Is Ours

(#) ArsenicAutumn 2013-06-03

I read "Burn This City Down" a couple of nights ago and I just finished catching up to this story so far. I seriously love it! You have a talent for telling damn good stories, that's more important than typos and mistakes. At this point, I just want to knock Party Poison upside the head and say "open your fucking eyes you fucking moron!". :) I am rooting for Violet to be honest. Not that I don't like Demolition Lover but I think Violet has a better chance of making Ghoul happy. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's response

Haha, aw thank you so much! It does mean a lot knowing people enjoy reading my work since I'm not all that confident with writing . . . not at all. I agree with you, Poison does need to wake the fuck up and open his eyes.

The Violet and Lo situation is really starting to get under my skin. I just wish I could pick one and be happy with that decision, but I can see him ending up with either of them so thank you for letting me know who you think he should be with :D Again, thanks for reviewing!