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Chapter Seventy Two - I'm Sorry

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"I wonder what it'd be like if Willow was your daughter instead of his. I kind of wish you were her father."

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A/N I feel this chapter's a little shorter than usual, but hopefully it's still enjoyable for you guys. Thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing the last chapter, you're awesome! :D If you can please review, comments are much appreciated! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventy Two - I'm Sorry

"You. Fucking. IDIOT!" Static screamed at Poison just a few hours after the Dead Flies left the diner. "You told Pheonix Lo was here, Poison. How the fuck did you think that was gonna work out, huh?"
"I didn't know she had connections to the Dead Flies, Static! You think if I knew that, I would've told her?"
"That's my fucking point. You're fuck buddies. You're not in a committed relationship with her, you barely know anything about her yet you told her Lo was staying here. You put everyone at risk, you put your daughter at risk and you put my kids at risk, Poison. I can't fucking forgive you for that" It took every ounce of strength Static had not to strangle him violently after putting her children's lives in danger. She would've strangled him out of rage if it weren't for Kobra. Static got the feeling he wouldn't be too impressed if she choked his brother.
"For the last time, I didn't know she knew the bastards." He almost growled at his almost sister-in-law.
"Will you two stop fucking fighting!" Acid was sick to death of their angry screams, just like everyone else was. "I understand why you're beyond pissed, Static. He put your kids in danger, he put all the kids here in danger, but screaming at him isn't helping anything. And you," She pointed at Poison. "you're so fucking lucky that my daughter loves you or I'd be murdering you right now along with Static."
As Poison looked into her eyes, he knew Acid meant it. She was livid and almost looked liked she was holding back tears of anger.
"Ace, I-" His voice was soft before she cut him off.
"Save it for someone who gives a fuck, Poison. I don't even wanna look at you right now, so please just stay the fuck away from me until I've calmed down." She walked straight passed him, storming off into Death's room to check on her sister's wounded leg.
Acid slammed the door shut behind her while Death dressed the stab wound in her leg.
"Everyone still pissed with him?" Death asked her sister.
"What do you think? Of course they'll still pissed with him, I'm still fucking pissed with him." Acid sat next to her sister on the bed, resting her head on Death's shoulder.
"You have every right to be. He put Bandit and Grace in danger."
Acid took a deep breath, contemplating on telling her sister about the relationship she'd been hiding with Poison.
"Death . . . if I tell you a secret, you need to promise me you'll keep it."
"You know me, Ace, I'm not exactly gonna go and scream it to the world. You're my sister and I respect your wishes. Now c'mon, gimme the secret!" Death smiled, ignoring the throbbing pain in her leg.
"There's another reason I'm so fucking angry with Poison right now."
"And that is?"
Acid paused again. "I feel stupid just saying it, but w-we . . . Poison and I have been . . . having," she tried to think of the right words "an intimate relationship lately."
Death stared at her sister. "So basically, you and Poison have been having sex on the sly?"
"A little bit."
"Why did you let that fucker take advantage of you?" Death demanded to know.
"It wasn't like that."
"Then how was it? Because to me, it sounds like it took advantage of the fact you still have feelings for him."
"I wanted it too, I knew that it was just physical. I knew feelings weren't supposed to get involved with the relationship, but I think I stupidly let it and now I feel like the biggest fucking idiot on the planet for it."
Death waited for her to explain. "Why?"
"Because of Pheonix. Apart of me thought that maybe, just fucking maybe he felt the same way and let some of his feelings get involved too. But he didn't. He still talked to Pheonix and let's face it, that probably means they've been fucking too. And now after what happened with the Dead Flies and feeling like fucking dirt after finding out about Poison and Pheonix, I just wanna curl up into a ball and die."
Death's anger for Poison faded and turned into sympathy for her sister. "First of all, what happened with the Dead Flies wasn't your fault. You need to stop blaming yourself for every bad thing that happens around here. And second, fuck Poison. You don't need him, you're a strong, beautiful person and you're a great mom to your daughter. Plus, I thought you liked Curse."
A current of guilt flowed through her body. "I do and thinking about Curse makes me feel worse about what happened with Poison."
"I'm sorry about Poison being an asshole. But you've got people who love you here and you know for a fact I love you, Lexia."
She smiled. "I know, I love you too, Vaimey. I'm sorry about what happened to your leg. How is it?" Acid changed the subject, trying to push Poison out of her mind.
Death shrugged. "Hurts like a bitch, but I've had worse injuries. It's nothing I can't handle. Since we're making confessions . . . there's something I've been meaning to tell you for a while now."
"I'm all ears."
"There's a guy. His name's Bleeding Stereo."
She smiled. "Oh yeah? You like him or something?"
"It's gone way past just liking him . . . I love him and we've been together for a few years now."
Acid was genuinely shocked. "Really? Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
She shrugged. "It just never seemed like the right time to tell you with all the shit that's been going on. I didn't want you freaking out 'cause he's a twenty eight and I'm twenty. You've been stressed enough as it is, I didn't want you to freak out about yet another thing."
"Death, I don't give a fuck about age. I was with Poison when I was nineteen and he was twenty three. I know it's not much of an age difference, but neither's eight years. I'm not freaking out at all, I'm happy for you."
"You mean it?"
"I mean it. I love you."
"I love you too." Death wrapped her arms around her only sister, remembering soon they'd have Andy with them too. She couldn't wait to finally meet him. "So now all of this Dead Flies shit is out of the way for now, I wanna concentrate on Andy. It's gotta be coming up to his birthday soon and they're gonna be putting him on meds."
"I know. I've been thinking about plans and don't worry, Death. Don't worry, we'll get him back soon. I promised him and I'm promising you that he'll be here soon."
Death just smiled and continued hugging her sister.

"Fuck I forgot how much this hurts." Ghoul complained while Lo poured alcohol onto his chest wound.
"I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault."
"Really? You're giving me the whole 'It's not your fault the Dead Flies came here, fucked up the diner and hurt almost everyone here' crap when it's clearly my fault?"
"It's not crap, it's the tru-"
"Don't say it 'cause I don't wanna hear it."
Lo prepared the needle since he needed stitches on his chest and in various other places. Jet was seeing to his own wounds and obviously couldn't help both himself and Ghoul at the same time so Lo offered to help.
"How are you doing? You didn't get hurt, right?" Ghoul suddenly became concerned about her.
Lo shook her head, her eyes focused on the wound. "I'm fine, Ghoul."
He nodded. "Good.
The silence in the air was awkward between them as she pulled the needle through his skin. He winced in pain.
"It's bound to hurt, you don't need to apologize."
"I'm still sorry."
He almost laughed. "Do you ever say anything else other than sorry? You seem to be saying that a lot lately."
"I've got a lot to be sorry for."
"But you don't."
"Let's just agree to disagree, Ghoul."
"Lenah, I-"
"Don't call me that."
"It just slipped out. Lo, how violent did he get with you back when you were together?"
"Pretty violent, why do you ask?"
"Did he ever hurt Willow?" He ignored her previous question.
"No. Snake never hurt Willow, but some of the other Dead Flies tried to. He always used to scream and get mad whenever I accused them of trying to harm my daughter. It's a big part of why I left in the first place. She wasn't safe."
"Do you ever regret what happened or wonder if it'd be different if you'd never left?"
"What is this, twenty questions?" A smile grazed her lips.
"No, I'm just curious."
"I don't regret Willow, if that's what you mean but I obviously regret Snake. If I could just have Willow but completely erase him from my past, I'd be a happy bitch. As for the whole do I wonder about what would've happened if I stayed . . . I think about it a lot," she confessed. "I wonder what it'd be like if Willow was your daughter instead of his. I kind of wish you were her father. At least she'd be safe with you and you'd be a hell of a father. I wonder what we'd be like now if we were still together, if I'd be a completely different person to who I am now."
"We would've been happy."
"Yeah, we would've."
Lo stopped paying attention to the needle and stared Ghoul in the eyes. She slowly leaned in and gently pressed her shy kiss on his lips. She was scared he'd reject the kiss, but he simply didn't react. He didn't kiss back, not for a couple of moments.
When she felt him contribute to the kiss, the urge to smile came along but she ignored it. She just continued to occupy their lips.
Lo rested her hands on Ghoul's cheeks while his hands found her hips. The kiss deepened when their tongues made contact, causing fireworks to explode in Lo's nerves.
The sweet moment was ruined when Ghoul harshly pulled away. "Lo, we need to stop."
"Give me one good reason. We have a history, Ghoul. We loved each other and I know we both still have some of those feelings. I know we do."
"This isn't fair to Violet. I-I love her, Lo. I love Violet."
Her heart stopped. She'd almost forgotten about Violet, she'd been gone for a couple months now.
"You love her?"
"I do."
"Then once again, I'm left feeling fucking horrible and apologizing."
"Lo, don't-"
"I should go. Again, I'm sorry."
She walked out, almost slamming the door behind her and left Ghoul on his own to think about what just happened. He'd kissed Lo and cheated on Violet. He'd never cheated before, he wasn't the kind of guy to do that to someone. Especially someone he loved.
Ghoul lay down, the thoughts spinning and his wounds throbbing.
"Fuck." He said to himself.

A/N So, Lo or Violet? Who do you guys prefer because I honestly have no clue who Ghoul's actually gonna end up with . . . I'm still undecided on that one. Thanks for reading guys ;)
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