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Chapter Seventy One - The Dead Flies

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"Nice seeing you again, Lo. It's been a while." Snake grinned, sickening Lo to her core.

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A/N I'm soooooo sorry this is so late. I really didn't intend on this, it's just been so unbelievably hectic lately with work, important tests, family drama, friend drama et cetera, et cetera. To try and make it up to you guys, I've tried to put in a lot of drama and fighting in this chapter, so hopefully you'll hate me a bit little less for taking a while to update when I promised an earlier update last chapter. Moving on so you guys can just read the chapter, thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you're both awesome! If you can please review, I love reading comments on this story. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventy One - The Dead Flies

The second Acid pulled up outside the small building Pen, Lypse, Andi, Devi and Kitty called their home, she was greeted with a bear hug from Lypse.
"Ace! I can't believe it's you, it's been way to fucking long. God, I've missed you so much!"
She smiled, holding her friend closer to her as she hugged him. "I missed you too, Lypse. I missed you too." She repeated softly then pulled away only to be picked up into another bear hug from Pen.
"Why the fuck haven't you come to see us sooner?" Pen demanded to know, laughing.
"Good to see you too, Pen." Ace chuckled, then pulled away to face the Killjoys she'd not seen in years.
"Last I heard, you two god hitched. How the fuck did that happen?"
Pen linked her hand into Lypse's, smiling up at her husband of two years. "It just happened. This sounds cheesy, but he's been there for me for an incredibly long time and somewhere along the line, we feel in love."
"Yeah, it can just happen sometimes."
With out any warning, Bandit rushed up to her mother and clung onto her legs for dear life.
"Mommy, do you have to go?"
"I'm sorry, baby, but yeah I do need to go. I promise you'll have fun with Lypse and Pen."
She smiled. "Uncie Lypse, can we dress you up in Pen's pretty dresses again?"
Lypse blushed madly at the memory of being dressed in his wife's clothing by Bandit and Lacie. Since the girls missed their family and they got upset, Lypse let them dress him up on some of Pen's clothes. Ever since then, they've both had the urge to dress up their uncle Lypse whenever they saw him. Lypse let them most of the time because of how happy it made them both.
"We'll see, Bandit." Bandit knew that was a yes, he'd never once denied them the chance to dress him up.
"Look, we've gotta go pretty much straight away, but when we come back to pick up the kids, I'd love to catch up."
"So would we, just be careful with the Dead Flies. We had a run in with them a few years ago, they don't play nice." Pen warned, giving Acid a second hug.
"Believe me, Lo's already made that clear."

The pain was becoming unbearable for Lo to handle. She didn't know how much more she could take, she'd been in labor for almost sixteen hours. The sharp pains in her stomach wouldn't fade away, they'd made themselves permanent hours ago and she was beginning to think it wouldn't ever end. To her, it felt like she'd been giving birth for long, agonizing years.
Dead Veins was delivering the baby for Lo. Vein wasn't a professional when it came to giving birth, however she had a basic knowledge of what was going on and it was a lot more knowledge than anyone else out of the Dead Flies had.
"You need to push harder, Lo."
"I've been pushing hard for fucking hours and it feels like nothing's even happened yet!" She screamed.
"That's because you're not pushing hard enough. The baby's not moved for around forty five minutes."
Lo screamed out loud as she forced herself to push harder. The sweat on her body started to form into small droplets, the heat was becoming unbearable too.
Vein nodded. "Okay, that's better. Keep pushing." She ordered, causing Lo to continue pushing. As she cried and begged for it to be over, the time started to pass.
"The baby's almost here, Lo. I promise."
Lo believed her when she said that, mainly because it's what she wanted to believe so badly that the painful experience of giving birth was almost over for her. She definitely knew it'd be the last time she'd ever give birth, there was no way in hell she was going to do it again.
Knowing it was the last time she'd ever be pushing a baby out of her body, she gave it one last strong push.
Suddenly, the pain didn't matter to Lo anymore. Not when she heard the tiny cries of her newborn child for the first time.
Her eyes became fixated on the small, slightly bloody person in Vein's hands. Vein washed the baby in her arms and placed them in a blanket before handing the baby to their mother.
Lo cradled the newborn in her arms for the first time, looking down at their face with loving eyes.
"You've got a daughter by the way. The baby's a girl." Vein informed Lo before leaving her alone with her daughter.
She nodded. "Thank you, Vein."
Vein smiled slightly before closing the door behind her.
Lo resumed with gazing at her baby, rocking her slowly back and forth. Snake hadn't been there for the birth, he was busy else where. Lo had no idea what was considered more important than the birth of her daughter, but she didn't really care that he wasn't there. It wasn't like he was going to be supportive.
Lo just smiled, rocking Willow back and forth until her new born baby girl feel asleep in her arms.

Ghoul watched Lo angrily shoot at the targets, guessing she was thinking about Snake as she pulled the trigger.
Ghoul was about to walk up to her and make sure she was handling everything when Poison and Jet pulled him to one side for a moment to talk.
"Jet just got another Transmission, they're about a half hour away and Kobra and Ace aren't even back yet."
"Should that be a problem? I mean, we're already out numbering them. Not to mention we've got Cherri, Lie, Attack, Hurricane and Static's father."
"We need Ace here," Jet stated. "You remember what she said, she used to deal with people like them for five years."
Poison found himself becoming protective of Acid. He knew it was unlikely, but he secretly hoped she'd decided to stay with Lypse and Pen since the last thing he wanted was for her to get hurt. "She doesn't need to be here, if anything she's better off with Lypse and Pen."
They both shot him a confused glance. "Why? You know she could help us."
"I-it's just . . . if they know who she is and what she used to do, they're gonna want to kill her."
"Cut the shit, Poison. Grace told me about what happened." Jet blurted out, sick of the excuses and lies he'd found Poison and Acid telling everyone about their relationship lately.
"What is it that happened exactly?"
"You slept with her."
"What? You two had sex?" Ghoul was a little shocked, he had no idea they'd been sleeping together.
Poison paused. "It only happened a couple times."
"How did that even happen?"
"I-I don't know. It just happened."
"You know you can't just fuck her whenever you want to, Poison. She's not Pheonix, you had a relationship with her for years."
"She wanted it too, I didn't talk her into anything."
"Just hope that Death doesn't find out. Death's still worried about her, she's still having the nightmares and she'd fucking murder you for using her like that."
Poison started getting frustrated. "How did we even get onto this subject? It's not even any of your business, this is between me and Ace. Not to mention we have more important shit going on right now than what's happening between me and Ace."
"Moving on, we need a plan in case they're not back before the Dead Flies get here."
"It's simple, we'll just have to start fighting without them. That is, if it comes to a fight."
"Let's face it, it's gonna come to a fight, they're not just gonna back down easily and leave without Lo and Willow." Ghoul pointed out to them.
"That's probably true."
Poison ran a hand through his bright red hair, pushing it back. "All we can do is try and stall and if it comes to it, fight. I don't see what other options we have here. We should get back to training, we probably don't have long before they show up."

Snake Bite stared at the map he held in his hands, looking directly at the red X which marked the location of the Fabulous Killjoys while his closest friend out of the Dead Flies, Neon Dancer, drove the car.
"Snake, the fuck are you doing? We need to get a move on if you wanna get there soon and starin' at a map isn't helping." Vein pointed out, chewing gum at the same time.
"Yeah, yeah, I know. You think they're gonna be expectin' us?"
"I know they are. They're not stupid and they know a lot of Killjoys in the Zones, Snake. They're gonna be prepared."
"Are we prepared? They ain't gonna give up Willow easy."
"That's a fucking stupid question to ask, of course we're prepared. We loaded up on batteries and guns a couple days ago."
He nodded, grinning. "Good. Hey, can you remind me to thank what's her name for tellin' us where they are?"
"You mean Pheonix?"
"Yeah, her. How'd she know where they are?"
"You don't know? She's been fucking Party Poison for around three, maybe four years." Skull informed him, loading his gun with new batteries.
"The fuck does a guy like Poison want with a bitch like her? I thought he was married or some shit."
"His wife was taken by Better Living five years ago."
"How'd you know all this shit about them in the first place?"
Vein shrugged. "I do my research. Plus I over heard conversations Vintage and Lo had."
"She ever mention which Fabulous Killjoy she was with?"
"It began with an F . . . Fun Ghoul . . . I think."
"He'll probably get in the way the most, right? He's probably treatin' my daughter like his own too the bastard."
"'S not like it matters. Soon, we're gonna have Willow back. Soon we'll be her only family and the Fabulous Killjoys won't even matter anymore. We might even get Lo back, Snake."
"I doubt it. She fuckin' hates us, she only stayed around 'cause she knew we'd hunt her and Willow down like we are now."
"Do you think they even know her fuckin' secret?" Vein wondered out loud.
Snake snorted. "I doubt it, I don't think she'd want the guy she was with to know what a fucking freak show she is. Besides, she only found out not too long ago 'bout it."
"It's a big secret. I get the feeling if they don't already know, we should spill the beans on her. They could kick her out for it." Neon suggested.
Snake remained quiet as he thought about the woman who'd taken his daughter away from him. While Snake hadn't been particularly supportive of Lo during her pregnancy, once Willow was born, she had him wrapped around her finger and he loved Willow in the way he understood love.
"How far away are we now?"
"We should be there in ten minutes."
Snake smiled. "Good. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can get Willow and leave."
"And if they put up a fight?"
"Then we do what we always do. We give them a fight."
Vein smiled devilishly. "Fuck yeah we do."

After they'd put away all their equipment for training, they waited nervously for Acid and Kobra to come back and for the Dead Flies to show up. The only problem they had was they didn't know what was gonna happen first.
They all sat there in silence, thinking about what could happen in just a few minutes time.
Lo could hear and feel her heart beating in her chest while Lie, Attack and Hurricane held their guns, ready to strike the second they showed up.
Lo nervously bit her nails and constantly stared at the door the Dead Flies could walk through any second.
The awkward silence was broken when they heard the engine of a car outside the diner. Was it Acid and Kobra or the Dead Flies. They didn't know, but they all took the safety off their laser beams just in case it was them.
They all momentarily held their breath in anticipation while the person behind the door slowly opened it.
Lo sighed in relief when Kobra and Acid were the ones behind the door.
Static ran over to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly.
"Thank god it's you."
"I take it they haven't arrived yet?"
She shook her head, still holding Kobra close to her. "No, they haven't shown their fucking faces here, not yet. How're the kids?"
"They're fine. They're happy with Pen, Lypse and Devi."
While Kobra and Static talked about their children, Acid stood by her sister.
"Hey. Nothing from the Dead Flies yet?"
"Nope, nothing. They're due any second, we were all beginning to think they were gonna get here faster then you and Kobra."
Acid smiled. "Yeah, sorry we took a little longer than we thought. At least I didn't miss out on any of the action. You scared?"
"A little, but it's nothing we can't handle, right?"
Just seconds later, the door was violently kicked open by a tall, heavily tattooed muscled man with sun glasses and a laser beam in each hand.
"Nice seeing you again, Lo. It's been a while." Snake grinned, sickening Lo to her core.
"Get the fuck out of here." She growled.
Snake just laughed at her, still grinning like the mad man he was. "I ain't exactly gonna come all this way just to leave 'cause you said so, honey. I must say, you look good, Lo. You been working out or something?"
Other members of the Dead Flies started walking in the Diner, all of them armed with laser beams and even knives.
When Lo didn't reply, Snake just continued speaking. "Not in a talkative mood then, huh? Alright. I can deal with that, I'll just cut to the chase then. Where is she, Lo? Where's my daughter?"
"She's not your daughter, she's mine."
"That ain't exactly true, she's both of ours."
"Well you're not exactly a good father to her. When we traveled with you, all you did was kill, get drunk and fuck strangers. That's not the kind of environment a child should grow up in, now is it?" The fear inside of Lo was slowly starting to transform into anger.
"I think you're being real rude here, Lo. We've been standing here like fuckin' idiots and you haven't even introduced us to your friends here." Said Bloody Bones, eying the Killjoys which stood in front of them.
"We know exactly who you are, there's no need for introductions here." Ghoul was the first to reply to them.
"Lemme guess, you're the one Lo was fucking before she met our good ol' Snake here, right?" Vein guessed, staring Ghoul dead in the eye. "Gotta say, from what I heard about you, I'm disappointed. I thought you'd be . . . taller. No offense to our little Lo over here."
"You didn't answer my question, Lo. Where's Willow?"
"She's not here." Lo answered, simply.
"What do you mean, she's not here?"
"Well what the fuck does it sound like? She's staying with people we trust. People who you don't know."
The grin from his face dropped as he pointed his gun directly in Lo's direction. "Tell me where she is then."
"I ain't exactly gonna make sure she's safe somewhere far, far away just to tell you where she is because you told me to, honey." Lo mimicked what Snake had said before back to him.
Snake shot at Lo, the beam missed her head just by mere inches. "I'm not in the mood for games, Lo. Now tell me where the fuck she is or next time, I won't be hitting the wall with this gun, do you hear me?"
"You damage just a single hair on her fucking head, you'll have some seriously pissed off Killjoys aiming to shoot your dick, do you hear me?" Ghoul spat angrily.
"Why are you protecting her? I mean, one she left you fucking heartbroken and two, you know who she is. You know who her family are and what they've done." Lo's eyes widened at the mention of her family.
"What are you talking about?" Acid questioned.
"You don't know? Her brother's a-"
"Don't you fucking dare talk about my family. You have no fucking right!" She screamed.
"Her brother's an Exterminator."
The room fell silent. Lo's brother was an Exterminator? While the only family of Lo's they'd ever met was Jessey, the last thing they thought one of her family members would be was an Exterminator.
"The same blood that runs through his veins is the same that runs through Lo's. He's a cold blooded killer."
"That's rich." Acid muttered.
Acid had caught Snake's attention. "What did you just say?"
"I think you heard what I said, asshole. I said that's fucking rich."
"And who are you exactly? I don't believe we've met before, sweetheart."
Poison instantly became uncomfortable. He didn't want Snake to have his eyes on Acid. If she had his attention for too long, he could realize who she used to be and what she used to do.
"That's not important. The point is, you're not exactly ones to judge others for being cold blooded killers."
Snake walked slowly towards her and smiled. "It's a real shame you're a Killjoy. You're a pretty face and from what I can tell, you've got an athletic body. You'd be good fighter with us."
"I'll bet you say that to every little bitch you meet. I'm not interested in you or you fucking group of monstrosities."
"I know you." Neon Dancer said, staring at her face. "We've met before . . . you're Hell Bunnie. You killed Timebomb, you . . . you worked for Better Living. Time didn't fucking believe us, but you worked for them and you fucking murdered him."
Neon lunged towards Acid, grabbing her and swiftly moved her into a position where she was standing behind him with his knife to her throat.
"Ace!" Poison roared.
"Stand back or I kill her! I swear to God I'll fucking murder the bitch!" Neon roared back while walking back over to the other Dead Flies with Acid's throat still lightly pressed against the sharp blade in his hands.
"Is he tellin' the truth?" Snake demanded to know. "Is he telling the truth, yes or no?" He screamed in Acid's face.
Acid looked him dead in the eyes, not saying a word.
"Let her go." Poison ordered, his gun aimed at Neon's Head.
"She's not goin' anywhere."
"Fellas, calm down for a second, would ya?" Vein said, calmly even though all the Killjoys there had their guns pointed at them. "We're all adults here and I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement. All we came here for was Willow. While I would fucking love nothing more than to make this little bitch here scream in pain for killing Timebomb," Vein's fingers lightly brushed Acid's cheek. "I won't. Because we came here just for Willow and I'm sure we could kill her some other time. So, if you tell us where Willow is, we'll leave and we won't kill Hell Bunnie or whatever the fuck her name is or anyone else here. Is that a deal?"
"No deal." Acid spat.
After that, everything happened quickly. Acid elbowed Neon in the ribs and grabbed the knife from his hands while the Killjoys started shooting at the Dead Flies.
Acid punched Neon, forcing him to fall to the ground while Ghoul continuously shot at Snake. Snake shot anyone he could, he managed to shoot Ghoul in the shoulder twice while Smiling Skull threw a dagger at Death and got her in her right thigh.
Neon tried to grab Acid again only for her to kick him in the chest and force him to fall to the ground for a second time. Vein grabbed Acid from behind and wrestled her to the ground. Vein grabbed a knife and tried to stab Acid in her chest, but before she could Acid picked up her gun and shot her in the stomach, causing Vein to cry out in pain.
"VEIN!" Bones screamed.
Acid continued to shoot Bones in the leg and shoulder, disabling him from trying to hurt Acid since she stabbed Vein.
Poison grabbed Acid's arm and pulled her away from the Dead Flies. "Did they hurt you?"
She shook her head. "No, I'm fine."
"Good." He continued to shoot while Acid ran over to her wounded sister.
"Which one did this?"
Death pointed to Skull and the second she did, Acid shot him down and didn't think twice about it.
Snake looked at his surroundings and realized that most the people in his group were injured, some hurt more seriously than others and he knew if they weren't helped soon, there was a good chance they were going to die there.
"Bones, Neon, grab Vein and Skull, we gotta get out of here."
Skull and Neon did as they were told and grabbed the two bleeding Dead Flies and ran out of the diner.
"Before we leave, do me a favor, Poison. Thank your whore Pheonix for telling us were you are. It was a fuckin' big help." With that, Snake left the diner with his group and drove off into the desert.
After the short, yet bloody fire fight, the room was silent for a second time when they realized it was Pheonix who'd given them the location of the Fabulous Killjoys. It was Poison's fault for the Dead Flies finding them.

A/N DUN DUN DAAAA!! So that was chapter 71! I hope you guys enjoyed it and again, sorry for lack of updates lately T_T. Just something I forgot to mention before, I'll be updating this story on Friday instead of Saturday because I'm out of town on Saturday with my sister and a couple of friends. Also, have you guys read the preview of the Fabulous Killjoy comic? I freaked out a little when I got it and it's just gotten me even more excited for the actual comic to come out! I also freaked out when I heard Ray's song Isn't That Something, have you guys heard it yet? It's really incredible and I'm hoping to hear more music from him soon. Anyways, it's really late and I've gotta get up in a few hours so I'd better close my computer down and get some sleep. Thanks for reading guys, it's always appreciated.
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