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Chapter Seventy - Preparing

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"Are you and Poison getting back together?"

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A/N Hi guys! I'm sorry there was no update last week, however my big sister had a baby and I've been pretty much all of time with her and my new nephew (who's just freaking adorable, I love him so much already). To make up for the fact I missed the update, I'm gonna be posting another chapter either tomorrow or Tuesday to make up for it. I did plan on this chapter being more exciting, but the particular even that's gonna happen didn't really fit in with this chapter :/ I've already started writing the next chapter though and it is definitely in there, so you will be seeing it soon! Thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide12 for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome! Please review if you can, comments are greatly appreciated. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventy - Preparing

Lo hurried to the extremely dirty bathroom, emptying the content of her stomach for the fourth time that week.
Once her stomach calmed down, she sat on the bathroom floor, looking down at her perfectly flat stomach and began to wonder about the cause of her recent sickness. Her diet hadn't changed, she constantly ate the same horrific canned food and drank the same stale water. As her mind ran through the possible causes when she realized something. Her period was two weeks late, which was extremely unusual for Lo. She was hardly ever late.
She thought about the possibility of being pregnant and she didn't like it. If Lo was pregnant like she suspected, the father had to have been Snake. It'd been so long since she'd even seen Ghoul, never mind slept with him. There was zero chance that Ghoul was the one who'd gotten her pregnant.
Lo got up off the floor and started searching the unhygienic bathroom for a pregnancy test. She knew Vintage had gotten several emergency tests back when she was alive, Lo just didn't know where they were.
Her heart started beating a million miles an hour, she was desperate to find them and hoped the pregnancy test was negative. The worst thing she could possibly think of was having a child with the monster that was Snake Bite, who quite frankly repulsed her. If she was having his child, there were two possible ways it could turn out. Possibility one was that he'd push her out of their group and leave her to raise the baby alone. Possibility two was that he wouldn't let Lo out of his sight because of the baby. Out of the two possibilities, she begged it would be the first possibility. She didn't want to raise the baby on her own, but she didn't want to raise it with Snake. He wasn't a good person, there was no way he'd be a decent father.
Once she found the pregnancy tests, she took one out of it's packaging and then use it carefully.
She waited impatiently for the result, checking every few seconds to see if the result came up earlier than expected. It didn't. She had to wait ten whole minutes before she saw the result that changed her life forever.
She peeked at the test, still hoping it was negative. But it wasn't. It was positive. Lo was having a child with Snake Bite.
She didn't react to what the pregnancy test was telling her straight away, but it eventually caught up with her. She dropped the test, leaving it on the floor behind her then instantly started packing her bags. She wasn't even going to wait to see Snake's reaction, she planned on leaving then and there.
"What're you doing, Lo?" Dead Veins, the only female in the Dead Flies, asked Lo. Once upon a time, Dead Veins may have been considered beautiful, but after seeing her kill mercilessly again and again, she quickly became ugly in Lo's eyes. Vein's long wavy hair was bleach blond, her eyes were a cold blue while her lips were always coated in dark red lipstick. Vein's clothing didn't consist of much, just lace skirts, stockings and skin tight tank tops.
"Leaving. I can't handle this anymore, Vein. Everything just reminds me of Vintage."
Vein shrugged. "Suit yourself."
There was no love lost between Lo and Vein. They never acted like sisters like Vintage and Lo did, they never had the desire to kill each other. They just simply didn't mix, like oil and water.
"Do me a favor?" Lo requested.
"Don't tell Snake I'm gone. Let him figure it out for himself." The longer it took for him to realize she was gone, the more time she had to get as far away from Snake and the Dead Flies.
"Why? Did he piss you off?"
"Something like that."
Vein just shrugged and continued to go about her daily business as Lo packed all of her stuff.
When she was ready, she grabbed her bags and got into one of the cars the Dead Flies had stolen over the years. She tried to hotwire the car, glancing every now and then to make sure she didn't get caught by one of them.
"Hey!" A voice roared. The voice belonged to Bloody Bones, another member of the Dead Flies.
He opened the door and dragged Lo out. He threw her onto the ground.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing? Are you trying to steel one of my fucking cars?"
She didn't reply.
"Answer me." He ordered.
"Yeah, I was."
"I wanna get out of here. I'm sick of this life. Look, I'm sorry I tried steeling the car. Just let me leave, okay?"
"What the fuck's going on here? Why are you shouting?" Her heart sunk the second she heard the voice. It was Snake.
"Your little Demolition Lover is trying to steel one of the cars."
"I'm not his." She growled, getting up off the sandy desert floor then dusting herself off.
"Why are you leaving?" Snake demanded to know.
"I want out of this life, I'm sick of it and I don't want it anymore."
"Bullshit, we both know I can read you like a fucking book, Lo. I wanna know what's really going on."
"I told you, I don't want to li-"
"Lo," He grabbed her arm painfully. "I want you to tell me the truth."
She winced. "Let go of me."
"Tell me the truth first."
She glared at him for a moment. "Fine, I'll tell you the truth. I wanna find my old group of Killjoys. I wanna find the guy I was with a few years ago again." It wasn't entirely a lie. She did want to find them, but it wasn't where she planned on going.
"You're going back to them? Why now?"
"Lo, what the fuck is this?" Vein walked towards them, holding something in her hands. "I found it in the bathroom."
Lo felt her heart stop completely. It was the pregnancy test, she'd dropped it on the floor after she'd taken it.
Vein handed it to Snake and he looked down at it with his angry eyes. He paused before responding.
"This yours?"
She just nodded.
"Is it mine?"
"No." She lied.
"Who else have you been sleeping around with other than me? You never go to parties with us and when you do, you don't talk to anyone, Lo, never mind fuck them. You've only been fucking me the last few months, so I'll ask you again. Is it mine?"
She folded her arms and looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact.
He grabbed her shoulders and shook her violently. "Tell me!"
"It's yours, okay? It's yours."

"Lo? Lo, are you listening to me?" Poison asked, breaking her away from the memory of when she found out about being pregnant with Willow.
"I'm sorry, I got distracted. What were you saying?"
"The kids are being dropped off in about half an hour. If you wanna spend time with Willow, now's the time to do it."
She nodded. "Okay, thanks."
Poison turned to Ghoul, noticing he was a lot more tense and stressed than he usually was.
"What's wrong?"
"It's not important, we just need to do some training before they get here. You said with the rate they're traveling at, they should be here in about two, three hours, right?"
"Then we need to get training. And shoot some stuff." Ghoul grabbed his gun, loading it with new batteries as he spoke to Poison.
"Calm down and tell me what's wrong right now. If you're this pissed while they're here, it's gonna affect how you act around them and what you do. What's up?"
He sighed. "I'm just not thrilled about meeting them. I was supposed to be happy with Lo. I treated her right, we were happy and in love, then Jessey died and it changed everything. She left, met him, he abused her and got her pregnant. I just think I'm gonna find it hard not to shoot the fucking bastard who hurt her when he gets here."
He understood. The thought of them hurting Acid bothered him because of who she was, he couldn't imagine how Ghoul felt since they'd actually hurt Lo before.
"Just try to stay fairly calm, okay?"
He nodded. "I will. I'll only shoot if they start shooting first."
"That's all we ask."

"You're gonna be good for your aunt Penn and Uncle Lypse?" Poison nelt down so he was on the same level as his daughter. Acid was leaning against the car, watching Poison and their daughter while Kobra and Static said farewell to their children and put them in the car which Death would be driving.
"I'll be good, daddy. I pinky promise."
Poison smiled and linked their pinky fingers together, sealing her promise. "I love you, Bandit." He wrapped his arms around his daughter's small body. He considered never letting go, but he knew at some point she'd need to be free from his safe embrace.
"I love you too, daddy. When we coming home?"
"You'll only be gone for a little while, B. A few days at the most."
"A few days?!" She complained. "That's a long time, daddy."
"Believe me, it'll go by quickly. I promise. You gonna get in mommy's car with Gracie?"
She pouted. "I guess."
Poison kissed her forehead and helped her get into the car. "Have a save trip, Grace."
She nodded. "We will." Grace wanted to stay with them and fight, just like she always did, however the last time Poison let her get involved with a fight, she'd been taken away by an exterminator and Draculoids. Grace understood and didn't try to convince him to let her do anything.
"You're one hundred percent sure there's no way I can convince you to stay with Pen, Lypse and the kids?"
She smiled. "Nope. No way in hell."
He nodded. "Worth a shot, right?"
Acid just continued to smile.
"Have a save trip."
"We'll be fine. I'll be back in around an hour."
If they were alone, he wouldn't have hesitated to kiss her, but since there were others around, he settled for giving her a friendly hug.
Acid climbed into her car as Bandit waved goodbye to her father through the windows of her mother's car.
Grace just continued to sit there with her arms crossed. She was still extremely distant from the rest of the Killjoys. She still locked herself in the small room she owned in the diner, trying to feed the need she had to learn more about her mother and father. She'd considered calling David several times, but she always came to the conclusion it was best to leave any contact with him for a little while longer.
Thirty minutes into driving, Bandit had fallen asleep in the car. Her head was pressed against the window, her lips were parted and her breathing was steady.
"Is she sleeping?"
"Yup, she's out."
Acid smiled as she followed the Trans Am, which Kobra was driving with his children along with Jeremy and Willow inside.
"Ace, can I ask you something?"
"Go a head, I'm all ears."
"Do you ever wonder what life would've been like if your parents hadn't been taken in by Better Living?"
She shrugged. "I've never really thought about it before, but now you've mentioned it . . . I know I wouldn't be anything like I am know if they hadn't been taken away."
"Do you ever wish they hadn't been taken away?"
"When I was a kid, I wished they hadn't been taken away all the time."
"What about now? Do you wish they were still here?"
"No. I don't. If they'd never been turned into agents, I wouldn't have ever met Dr. Death. If I never met Dr. D, I wouldn't have met Poison and Bandit wouldn't exist right now."
Grace understood why Acid wouldn't change anything. She loved her daughter more than anything and Grace was starting to think Acid and Poison still loved each other because of what she'd heard the other night. Grace decided to bring up the topic.
"Ace, when I ask you this, I want you answer me honestly."
"Um... okay."
"Are you and Poison getting back together?"
"No. Why would you think we were?"
"I heard you two talking the other night . . . did you sleep together? Are you just letting him fuck you like he does Pheonix?"
Acid was shocked to say the least, she thought they'd been fairly good at keeping what ever she had with him a secret. How had grace found out about it in the first place?
"H-how did you-"
"I heard you talking about it then I'm pretty sure I heard you making out. So tell me, is it just fucking?"
"Don't call it fucking, Grace."
"Why not?"
"Because when you call it fucking, it sounds meaningless."
"So it did mean something."
"N-no, I-I . . . I don't know."
"God, he's such a pig. Why do you let him treat you that way, Ace? You know that he's-"
"Grace, you don't know anything about this situation. Can we just please stop talking about it?" Acid snapped, knowing that's how people would react if they ever found out about the physical relationship between her and Poison.
"I'm just saying that-"
"Well please don't. It's really no one's business except mine and Poison's."
"Sorry for bringing it up." She clearly didn't mean it, but Acid didn't care. What she did care about was the fact she stopped talking about it.
The rest of the drive there was filled with painful silence, neither of them knew what to talk about. Silence seemed to be the best option for them.

Lo nervously bit her nails, knowing the Dead Flies were on their way.
The other Killjoys were training in case of a fire fight. They all desperately hoped it wasn't going to come to that, but they needed to prepare in case the Dead Flies insisted on it.
Lo watched Jet and Ghoul shooting the targets they'd set up, hitting them all almost every time. What she still struggled to understand was why Ghoul was helping her. She'd broken his heart and left him when he needed her the most, she didn't even think twice about it. Lo just thought about her own needs, not Ghoul's. Not to mention he'd moved on with someone else. He was happy with Violet, so why was he helping his ex-girlfriend and her daughter? There were just too many questions Lo thought about which she didn't know any of the answers too.
"Lo? You gonna join in or just stand there or start shooting?" Poison said, handing her a band new, unpainted gun.
"Oh, yeah sorry. And I have my own gun, thanks." She pulled out her two-year-old gun that was coated in a layer of purple paint and decorated with thick yellow stripes.
"That thing's definitely got new batteries, right? You obviously don't want it dying on you if it comes to a fight."
"I re-loaded it this morning, it should be fine."
"Poison, why are you all doing this for me? I know I've asked that before, but I just still don't understand."
"Just accept the help, Lo. We want to do this for you and Willow."
She nodded, still feeling guilt in her gut after everything she'd done to them.
"They'll be here soon, you really need to start practicing if you're gonna practice."
"Okay, I'll join in now."
Lo did what she told Poison she'd do, she shot the targets, pretending they were all Snake's head and prepared herself for the possible events that could occur in just a few hours time.
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