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Chapter Sixty Nine - Plans

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"I miss feeling close to you."

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A/N Hey guys! So here's chapter sixty nine (giggles because of the number. And yes, I'm that immature). It's more of a filler, but it's leading up to come pretty exciting events in chapter seventy that I can't wait to post for you guys! As usual, thanks to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing the last chapter, you're both awesome! Feel free to review and share any theories about what you think'll happen next in the story! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Sixty Nine - Plans

Grace tossed and turned uncomfortably in her bed as she attempted to get more sleep. The sun was barely even rising, but she noticed the change in the temperature already, she could feel little droplets of sweat forming on the back of her neck.
When the heat was too much for Grace to handle, she got up out of bed and started her hunt for some water. As she closed her door, she could hear two people talking. It took a minute for her brain to register it was Acid and Poison talking. She moved so she was out of sight from them, eavesdropping on their private conversation.
"Is this just a regular thing now?" Said Poison.
"Why, do you want it to be?"
Poison didn't reply.
"You can be honest with me, I promise I won't get mad."
"I just didn't realize how much I missed doing . . . that with you. I miss feeling close to you."
"We really should make this a habit, should we?"
He chuckled slightly. "Probably not, no."
"I don't think I want to stop, Poison."
"Me either."
While Grace couldn't see them, it seemed like the kind of moment where they'd kiss.
Grace heard them pull away from each other. "I'd better go, we don't wanna wake anyone up."
"Yeah, you're right." Acid agreed with him while Grace quickly ran back into her room, trying to process everything they'd just said.
To her, it sounded like they'd slept together and they'd done it more than once. She didn't know what to think of it all. Was she supposed to be happy about it? Was she supposed to be pissed? Or just not care? She didn't know, but regardless, she decided it wasn't the right time to get water and disturb Acid. She just went back to bed.

Later in the day, Lo, Poison and Ghoul were still trying to keep track of where the Dead Flies were heading. While none of them liked it, they were getting closer and closer to the diner.
"Alright, we've stocked up on extra batteries, extra guns and more knives. How far away are they from the diner now?"
"We had an old friend called Show Pony search the Zone, they're around six and a half miles away now."
Her eyes widened. "Six and a half miles? They were around fifteen miles away last night."
"Well, they seem to know where they're going and they're trying to get here as soon as they can." Poison informed the two of them.
"We need to come up with a better plan than just loading up on guns, we've got kids here and for Killjoys, we've got a lot. We need to get them out of here somehow." Ghoul pointed out.
"I know we do, but who'll take them? The Killjoy Bitches are still searching for Silk, we have no idea where they are. They wouldn't be able to get here in time."
"Are you forgetting about Pen, Devi, Andi, Lypse and Kitty? They're never too far away from here, I'm sure they'd take them for a day or two. Plus Grace'll have to go with them. With her being a little more mature, I'm sure she could help them out with looking after the kids."
"Okay, I'll get in touch with them." Poison agreed it'd be a good idea to get the kids out of there. He didn't know if the Dead Flies were violent and careless enough to kill children, but none of them were prepared to risk it and take that chance.
"You don't have to do this for me. They don't have a problem with you guys, but they have a problem with me, you can still just ask Willow and I leave."
"Don't be stupid," Ghoul said. "You know they'd find you, Lo. They'd hurt you and I'm not gonna let that happen. None of us are, do you understand me?" His eyes were locked with hers as he spoke. She knew he was being serious.
"You're sure?"
She nodded, accepting their final decision. It wasn't that Lo didn't want her and her daughter to be safe, she just hated the idea of putting so many people she cared about in serious danger.
"Alright. Let's get in touch with Lypse."

As Poison, Ghoul and Lo discussed what their plan was for when the Dead Flies finally found them, Acid watched the kids outside the diner along with Grace and Jet.
Acid was playing with Bandit, Willow and Lacie when Jet turned to Grace and started asking her questions.
"Grace, can I ask you something?"
She smirked. "You just did, Jet."
"Alright then, smart ass, can I ask you another questions?"
"Feel free."
"Are you okay?"
"Not really, but none of us exactly are. We're all rebelling against a company that wants to spill our guts, we live in fucking awful conditions with the heat and-"
"That's not what I meant. You've been acting differently lately."
"How have I been acting?" She was starting to become curious.
"Well for starters, you used to run off with your boyfriend for days on end without telling us were you were, when you'd come home you'd be extremely hungover and then after Poison screaming at you not to run off again, you'd go off with Des. I can't even remember the last time you talked to the kid, never mind saw him. Not to mention you're always on your own now."
She sighed, knowing someone was going to start asking questions again. The truth was, Grace was still obsessed with the fact her father was David Lufrini. She was constantly trying to find out more about him without actually seeing him in person. After what happened the last time she saw him, she wasn't exactly eager to go to Battery City and see him again.
"Jet, I'm fine. I guess I just feel safer here now," It wasn't entirely a lie. After Grace's previous experience, Battery City scared her and so did the Zones. Grace knew the Zones weren't a safe place for a Killjoy, she also knew Battery City was even more unsafe, however after experiencing what it was like to be captured and tortured it terrified her. The main reason she chose to stay at the diner was because of finding more out about her mother and David. "After knowing what it was like to be taken away by Dracs then tortured, I know how fucking dangerous the Zones are now and it scares me a little."
"You're sure that's it? There isn't something you're not telling me?" Jet asked, not entirely convinced that was the real reason Grace had become a complete and utter hermit lately.
"Jet, stop worrying about me. I'm fine, I promise."
"Okay. If you wanna talk about anything, you've got a lot of people here, Grace, who care about you."
"I know that. And I'm lucky to have you guys." Grace turned her glance to Acid, who was playfully running after her daughter. Grace recalled everything she'd heard Poison and Acid say in the early hours of the morning. "It's my turn to ask you something now."
"Go ahead."
"Has Poison mentioned anything about a relationship to you?"
"A relationship? A relationship with who, Pheonix?"
"No, I'm not talking about that bitch. I'm talking about someone else."
Jet arched an eye brow. "Acid? You think there's something going on between Poison and Acid?"
"Well I'm not sure, that's why I'm asking you if he's said anything."
"He's not said a word about a relationship to me, Grace. Why do you think there's something going on between them?" Jet questioned.
Grace shrugged. "They've just been acting flirty around each other lately." She lied. She didn't want to tell anyone else about it until she knew the truth about what was going on. Grace had already been convinced they were at least sleeping together, she just didn't know if there was any real romance in there or if it was just sex. Knowing Poison, she assumed it was just sex, but Acid never seemed to be the type of girl to just sleep with the first guy she saw. She wanted to make sure Poison wasn't just taking advantage of Acid since Grace was positive Acid still had feelings for him.
"Isn't Acid with Curse?" Jet wondered.
"I don't think so. Curse follows Ace around like a fucking lost puppy, but I'm not so sure the feelings are mutual. I think Ace still has feelings for Poison. I have no idea why, but I think she does. I just wanna make sure he ain't taking advantage of her feelings to get what he wants."
"He has Pheonix for that." He muttered while Grace groaned.
"I really don't fucking like Pheonix."
"Grace, no body fucking likes Pheonix." Grace giggled, knowing it was true.
"I'm gonna talk to Ace about it. Are you gonna talk to Poison?"
"I guess so. I don't think he'd take advantage like that, but I think he's still got a thing for her."
"You do?"
"Totally. It took him years to convince himself he was over her. If he's been sleeping with her, it probably means he's finally realizing he still likes her. It is weird I kinda want him to be still with her?"
"Why do you want him to be with her?"
"It's simple, he was happy with her and she was good for him. If he's happier with her, then it obviously means he's gonna feel better and hopefully become a better person."
"Yeah, I can kinda see where you're coming from with that."
They continued to keep an eye on the kids for a while before the sun started setting and it was time to go inside. The Zones was a dangerous place, but at it started to get dark, it was even worse.

Poison finished preparing everything for when the kids had to leave the diner to temporarily stay with Lypse, Pen, Andi, Devi and Kitty. They decided it'd be best if Grace went along with them too, even though Poison already knew Grace'd try to convince him to let her fight with them.
They were going to leave first thing in the morning. With the rate that the Dead Flies were traveling, he'd knew they'd find them soon if not the next day. He started packing some of his daughter's stuff in advance.
"But daddy, I don't wanna leave." Bandit complained as her father rushed around the room, packing clothes and even a couple of her favorite toys for her.
"I know, honey, but you gotta go. You'll be save with your Uncle Lypse and your aunts."
Bandit pouted. "I wanna fight with you and mommy. I'm brave, daddy."
He smiled and kissed her forehead. "I know you're brave, B, but I don't want them to hurt you. They're a bunch of real mean guys."
"I can handle mean guys!" She argued, trying her best to convince him she was ready to fight along side her parents.
"Nice try, Bandy, but you're a little too young. Gracie's too young as well, just like the rest of your cousins are."
"Are you sure I can't stay?"
"I'm sure."
She sighed. "Okay, I'll go."
"Thanks, B."
Acid walked into Poison's room where she knew their daughter was. "Hi mommy."
"Hey, baby. You all ready for tomorrow?"
"Yup. Daddy's packed for me."
Acid laughed. "You've been watching your daddy run around trying to find your stuff, huh?"
Bandit giggled innocently. "Yeah."
"You sleeping in here or in Lacie, Guiden and Zack's room?"
"I wanna stay here tonight." She decided. "Mommy, you stay here too?"
"I can't, honey. There isn't enough room for three of us here."
"Yeah there is, Daddy sleeps in a big bed and I sleep in a small. Share a bed with daddy, mommy. Then it'll be like a slumber party!" She got excited, making Ace smile.
"Sorry, baby. I don't think daddy wants me in the same bed."
Poison did want her there and Acid wanted to be there. The only problem was they knew whatever they had didn't include things like snuggling in bed together. Snuggling was more something couples did and they weren't a couple. Not a real couple at least.
"Okay. I love you mommy."
"I love you too, honey." Acid kissed her daughter's cheek before leaving the room. Poison shortly followed her.
"Something wrong?" She asked him.
"Tomorrow, you know the Dead Flies might be here, right?"
She nodded. "I'm all updated, I know what's going on."
"Good. You're prepared?"
"I'm prepared, I know the plan."
"That's good." Poison looked scared about the fact the Dead Flies were possibly going to be there and want a fight.
"Are you scared?"
He nodded. "A little."
"Poison, they're Killjoys. It's not like Isoda's gonna be here with an army of Dracs and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S ready to kill us."
"I know. I'm just more scared for what gonna happen to everyone. They're fucking dangerous, they shouldn't be under estimated."
She put her hands on his cheeks and forced him to look at her. "Hey, look at me. Everything's gonna be fine. Bandit'll be save, we'll talk to the Dead Flies and hopefully get them to leave. I was trained to kill people like them. I'm not saying I'm gonna go all ninja on them and kill them, but I'll at least fuck them up to a point were they won't come back here."
"Okay. Thanks, Ace."
"You're welcome. Sleep tight."
"You too. And Ace?"
Poison gently pressed his lips to hers for a couple of seconds. The kiss wasn't fueled by lust, it was actually quite sweet and innocent. It was almost like the sweet little kisses they used to share when they were a real couple.
"Good night."
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