Review for Rules of all my Book Universes

Rules of all my Book Universes

(#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2013-06-08

I dub myself as Liz, Ellie, Ellie-Liz, or E-L most of the time. Or Black Widow Liz, because of my minor cough MAJOR cough obsession with the Avengers. XD

One thing that ALWAYS happens in my stories involving self-harm: the amount of blood that is lost is ALWAYS exaggerated. Always.

Author's response

Monster Liz and Black Widow Liz?
Sounds legit to me :)

Okay, when exaggerated, how exaggerated? Like just FWOOSH or like Quentin Tarantino exaggerated?
Another one I missed: Noses are broken with alarming frequency, even more so than any other body part.