Review for Auditions


(#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-07-08

Name: Ryan James Page

Age: 19, he's the moody teenage boy lingering round the house.

Hair: Dark brown with lighter highlights, usually messy as all hell. The idea of a brush is a foreign idea to Ryan.

Ethnicity: Caucasian, conceived in Tasmania on a honeymoon and born in Melbourne.

Eyes: Light brown,

Height: About 5"5.

Personality: Ryan is possibly one of the most horrible teenagers to deal with ever. His mood swings are so often and so harsh that it can leave even his sister, who knows him better than anyone else, surprised. He spends a lot of time holed up in his attic bedroom, playing one of his three guitars (two acoustic, one electric) and learning piano (baby grand). He's got a part-time job at Subway and utterly hates it, he's generally a rude and cold person to all except his sister and his Red Heeler puppy, Jesus. He deliberately named him Jesus to piss off the next door neighbors, who are devout Catholics.

And which part do you want? And why? I reckon he'd work for a son, every household needs a moody teenage boy to feel complete.

Also if you don't get a part and still want to be part of the story you can be a neighbor, mom's friend, creepy hobo who hangs around the neighborhood drinking milk? Maybe just a local weirdo.