Review for Auditions


(#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-07-08

Name: Kendall Elizabeth Page

Age: 15, yet acts much much older.

Hair: Dark brown with lighter highlights. Falls to her mid-back, usually tied up in a messy bun. When it's down, though, it's usually sleek and well-looked after.

Ethnicity: Caucasion, born and bred in Hobart, Tasmania. Their mother (who I might audition for as well) lived in Tasmania for 20 years before moving to Jersey.

Eyes: A light golden brown.

Height: 5"3.

Personality: Kendall is a bit neutral. She can be bubbly at times, and then some days she spends her time with Ryan, being angsty and awful. She has a tabby cat called God; she and Ryan plotted there. Kendall can be as helpful as much as she wants to be - usually she chooses not to try. Her grades are average, but her mom's got bigger fish to fry.

And which part do you want? And why? Daughter. I hope auditioning 3 characters isn't overkill.

Also if you don't get a part and still want to be part of the story you can be a neighbor, mom's friend, creepy hobo who hangs around the neighborhood drinking milk? Still Ryan's sister, possibly the kids across the road who're known for sneaking out at nig.