Review for Auditions


(#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-07-08

Name: Lindsey Catherine Page

Age: 35. She doesn't look it.

Hair: Rusty blonde, usually tied up in a messy ponytail.

Ethnicity: She was born and bred in Hobart, Tasmania.

Eyes: Green-y hazel, framed with thick dark lashes.

Height: 5"6, yet thinks she's shrinking.

Personality: Linds is your typical frazzled mum. She's trying to set Kendall on the right path, figure Ryan out, and have her own life as well and that's basically trying to cram three people into one body and that's not an easy job. She's a bit emotionally detached; her now ex-husband left her for a Thai hooker, she was pregnant at 16 (with Ryan), and she only wants the best for her kids. She's a pretty kind woman - she refuses to see other people in pain, and seeing someone sad always puts her in a funk. She smokes like a chimney, has a colorful grip on the English language, and has a killer sense of humor, so she's really a Jack of All Trades.

And which part do you want? And why? Mum, because I think having someone with emotional problems trying to fall in love again is always an interesting plot, to see how the cogs in their mind work.

Also if you don't get a part and still want to be part of the story you can be a neighbor, mom's friend, creepy hobo who hangs around the neighborhood drinking milk? Just a neighbor, still Ryan and Kendall's mum.

Also, no offense, but reading over the audition page, I think you need an editor- I'd be willing to take up that job. Email me at when you are the first chapter/prologue written up, and I'll edit it and make it better for you, yeah?

Author's response

Usually when people say no offense I feel offended but then I realize I'm writing in a crappy iPhone so my life gets better again.
Anyway, sure I don't mind I'll send you the first chapter once it is written and you can edit and add anything to the story that you think it might be missing.