Review for Auditions


(#) FightingForever 2013-07-08

Name: Vikki Armstrong

Age(depends;kid or mom): I figure about 34

Hair: Just above the shoulders, layered black hair

Ethnicity: White, slightly tanned

Eyes: Brown, little green flecked in them

Height: 5'5

Personality: Always knowing she has to grow up yet trying to hold onto things that she loved in her youth, her music, her writing. Her kids mean the world to her but they don't always realise she understands the problems they're facing and they often refuse to take her advice, causing her a great deal of pain because she loves and wants to help them. She is passionate about things but tries to keep a level head for her kids sake, her fashion sense is still youthful. She doesn't like dressing too 'momish'. She isn't very open with people but tries to get them to open up. She loves the simple things in life and tries to avoid complication, something she can't always do. Her kids are all she thinks she needs and she would burn the world to make them happy.

And which part do you want? And why? Mom if possible because I am a mom myself. He's only young but I like to think of my self as a responsible parent and everything I wrote in the personality part is how I hope to be in the future.

This fic sounds like its gonna be awesome and even if I don't get the part I still look forward to reading it xo