Review for Our tale is at an end

Our tale is at an end

(#) MCR-99 2013-07-10

Oh my God.

So beautiful.

Are you leaving?
Or is this about the countdown for Summer, and leaving High School/Secondary School or College?

I'm confused.
That's what this's done to me.

Congrats, no-one's ever really confused me with writing before.

Peace and Cookies, XO Sadie

Author's response

Thank you so much!

I was inspired by a homeless alcoholic when I was talking to him, he was talking about his past and all the things he could have done in his life, missed opportunities and stuff. He said he used alcohol as his slow suicide weapon and I got really sad. Some people who we tend to ignore are really fascinating :)

Oh and no I'm not leaving ha ha

Vikki xoxo