(#) jabarber69 2013-07-16

okay at first I was going to tear you a new one or maybe just say harry and hermione took the wimp way out....I would of told the geezergamot to go fuck itself and declare war on the ministry with all the muggleborns in the country it would be a short war.....

but then you went and totally surprised me when they went into the chamber and revived them, wasnt expecting that one....

Author's response

Heya Jabarber!

Yeah, one of the problems with the marriage law is that it allows for wholly unsupportable pairings to be created, usually Hermione and either Draco, Snape or (shudder) Lucius. These pairings exist wholly in to support the notions that the characters are at all like the actors who portray them. I have seen only a very few that refuse to allow this sort of nonsense. Among them, Ishtar’s ‘Turnabout is Fair Play being where I swiped the legalese, of course, ‘Fuck the Marriage Law’, by Kielala and ‘The Obligatory Marriage Law’ by Luan Mau. Although that one is nearly psychotic!

I decided early on to use a rather Shakespearian twist, and so came up with my solution. In one move, it discredited Fudge, the proposed law and as a side effect, restructured the entire government with a functioning brain at the helm. Glad you liked it, and especially glad you read it through before commenting.