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(#) lolhai 2013-07-20

"If you have nothing positive to say then say nothing at all." So a reminder that grammar is important is negative? And ok, you were in a hurry. You can always go back and edit it. I'm pretty anal about grammar, but that's because I'm going to be an English teacher. But, I dunno, I thought I was rather polite. I didn't say "OMGZ U TTLY SUCK!!1!!". I also didn't copy and paste your entire story into a review and edit it there, which I have also done. So, really, before you think about posting something, think if you can handle negative reviews, because they happen to everyone. And yes, I'm being a bit of a bitch now because you were unnecesarily rude. I'm legally an adult. I'm in college, and I placed into advanced English classes. Wanna say something again?

Author's response

"Whoa whoa whoa, punctuation and grammar hon." Really you weren't rude? and quite Frankly...har har...i don't give two shits if your an adult if you were someone i knew personally i would but since your not FUCK OFF.
And just so you know i have the maturity of a 26 year old and this is what happens when i get pissed i become a dick so stop posting on my shit and leave me alone. For all the rest of you im sorry you had to see this im not usually a dick but id appreciate it if you hated on me in a MATURE manner not"Whoa whoa whoa, punctuation and grammar hon." Thats just ridiculous Hon? Freaking really? And you can listen here bitch i can qualify for advanced college classes and pass so fuck off!!! No more comments on my page your giving me a bad rep i just wanna write and thats all bye

Sorry i didnt really mean that im having a bad day sorry if im a little cunt or whatever i didnt mean it