Review for Society Is A Joke

Society Is A Joke

(#) Poppana 2013-07-29

There is plenty of inspiring and insightful pop music, it just depends on how you listen to it. Same goes for any genre ever. There are bad songs in all genres, but also a ton of good ones. I love pop music, but I also love a lot of different kinds of music. You have to look beyond all the swaggie, otherwise you won't see the good stuff.

But I do agree with you on some points. Yes, this sort of... "emo" (I really don't want to call it because it stands for emotional and all music has the potential of being emotional, that but there you go) music is looked down upon because it's seen as harmful and all these old ladies in flower hats shout from the rooftops that all them depressing songs are ruining today's youth and the world is going to hell unless everybody wears a flower hat. The point is, I do agree that that's absolutely ridiculous :D
However, let's not bash the entire pop music genre (which is MASSIVE) in order to make us feel better about our own favorite kinds of music, yeah? If we do that, we're essentially just the same as the ladies with flower hats, just fighting for the other side.

What in the name of Lucifer are "pokemon wannabes"?? I've never heard that term before.