Review for Love Is Like..

Love Is Like..

(#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-07-31

Love is like.. like lying under the stars with someone you love. You curl into their side, you inhale their scent, you think to yourself, this can't get any better. They wrap their arms around you, you nuzzle your nose against their pale, perfect-smelling skin, you're in heaven. Then, they get up and leave and you're left, empty, with a hole next to you where he/she should've been and it tears you up. You're left cuddling two cats at 5 AM, their scent lingering in the air, the taste of their lips lingering on yours, mixing in with salty tears. You're left wishing they would come back, kiss you again, tell you they loved you. But they won't, because they're a fucking douchebag.