Review for Thanks To You Cunts.

Thanks To You Cunts.

(#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2013-08-01

How you expected people to be friends with you after what you just posted is delusional, Sadie. You criticised everything we did and said you basically hated all of our work and the website that brought us together. Damn girl you really know how to make friends.
And now you're going back to the death threats again. Seriously, you say you've grown up since you joined this site, but you haven't changed at all. If anything you've become more bitchy.

If you want to make new friends on another writing website I'll give you a little tip; Don't be going arund sniffing for attention and trying to start shit storms. That don't go down with people.

puts on top hat, picks up cane and dances away