Review for Sets of Three, They Say...

Sets of Three, They Say...

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-11-24

Alright, from all the copying and pasting I´ve been doing from this chapter onto a word document, this looks as if it´s gonna be the longest review I´ve ever written (well, not actually written but c&p-ed and written) so brace yourself:

"Does this mean you're having sex with two countries? Are you saying Mal and you are fucking, then pausing and randomaly saying Russia and Japan?" Pete flipped him off. "And what do Russia and Japan even have to do with each other if you're trying to allude to an alliance? Hm?" Joe hit him in the back. -> Does Pete know where Austria is? ;) This was totally funny.

"Dude. Why the hell are you still talking?" He looked to his friends. "Where do we go from here? I'm not going to be beat my a bunch of vaginas in a Denali. No way." Dirty ran ahead of them, and turned, walking backwards. -> I don´t know much about Dirty, but from what I gathered while lurking on the web, THAT´s so much like him. ;)

"Why did i just throw my new friends, Alex?" Alex smiled, pulling her legs into the seat, sitting indian-style. -> Did I get that Indian-style thing because Pete does it once in CH and Katy stated her dislike for it? If so… you´re hilarious. If not, you´re funny. ;)

Give us a small tast of victory, and then rip it away." He made a ripping motion, and they all jerked back. "Dude, you're getting a little too into this. What do you suggest...and try to explain it calmly." Patrick said, giving his friend time to breathe./ -> Ha ha, Andy´s so cute in this chapter. I see why Sheena has/ had the hots for him.

The whole “Victor” conversation was so amusing.

Alex is in charge of how to follow the guys. That amuses me to no end. ;)

"Those really aren't typical items on my shopping list, so I couldn't tell you." Crystal nodded. -> I guess that´s Mal talking, right? Because, actually, I think they (fluff & nerf guns) are typical items on Crystal´s shopping list. We (= Crystal and I) don’t call her strange for nuttin´, hun.

"Over the fence. Into that embankment. We follow?" Alex was rested on the top of the fence, breathless. -> OH YEAH, I can really see that happening. Because ever since I started posting on ficwad I haven´t worked out ONCE. Well, except for horse-back riding two times a week but I help myself with a chair to get into the saddle… yeah…

Meg smiled. She loved these people. -> These people love Meg too. :)

"Get those assholes, and for the love of God, show them who's smarter." Katy was saying, as she drove the shooters in circles around the dumbfounded boys. -> I can actually hear Katy saying that (even though I don’t know what her voice sounds like). Also, very authentic with the lack of swearing (“assholes” probably doesn´t count as a swear word in her odd book – we had an AIM conversation about that the other day ;) + “for the love of God” is really kiddies´ stuff ;) ).

Andy was more defeated mentally than physically -> Ok, here I completely lost it and laughed out loud and actually slapped my knees. Well, one knee anyway. That´s how big a dork I am. Andy´s so great on here!

Finally… I´m glad I still have one last rating point. You so derserve it.
I´m happy the Files will be over soon because I don´t like having to compete with your humor, lady. ;)

Author's response

alex, you're killing me. really. i can't even take how long (and hilarious.) that review was. it probably just improved my day by, lik, 200 percent.

oh, i love this whole DoJ thing. it's keeping me writing, i think.

i'm headed over to 'channel hopping' to give you a taste of your own medicine. HAH!