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"Is everyone unbrella'd?" Pete asked as they were standing, almost soaked, in Meg's apartment. Patrick looked over at his friend.

"What a question." Pete smiled.

"What a day, right my fun-loving friend?" Patrick smiled sarcastically as they made their way out the front door, into the cold Chicago air.

"So how much time have we lost?" Joe asked. Pete looked at his watch.

"25. minutes." Andy rolled his eyes.

"Way to fucking blow our head start." Pete hit his friend lightly across the chest with the back of his forearm.

"Chill. We're in bounds. Remember?" Andy put his hand up to correct his friend.

"They've got Mal. Mal knows where we are. Remember?" Pete srugged it off, like it was absolutely nothing to fret over.

"Please. Mal and I are fucking...Russia and Japan." Patrick looked at him.

"Does this mean you're having sex with two countries? Are you saying Mal and you are fucking, then pausing and randomaly saying Russia and Japan?" Pete flipped him off. "And what do Russia and Japan even have to do with each other if you're trying to allude to an alliance? Hm?" Joe hit him in the back.

"Dude. Why the hell are you still talking?" He looked to his friends. "Where do we go from here? I'm not going to be beat my a bunch of vaginas in a Denali. No way." Dirty ran ahead of them, and turned, walking backwards.

"Why don't we just go back to the metro? We could kick it there, because the girls would never expect that." They slowed, and looked at each other.

"Did Dirty seriously just propose the best plan so far?" Pete asked. They all shrugged and made their way down Wabash.


"So where are they going, Alex? You're going to be our female Andy. You came here with him. Get inside his head." Mal was acting as a military strategist as Katy, who was driving, pulled back onto Wabash. Meg's eyes spotted movement. 5 boys. All under umbrellas.

Her umbreallas.

SHe tapped Mal's shoulder, and pointed in the direction of the boys, as dirty ran ahead of them and started talking.

"Should we get them?" Meg thought for a second.

"No." She signed. Katy looked in the rearview mirror as she spoke., and nodded.

"Agreed. It looks like they're working on some kind of half-ass plan. I don't think we should get them out just yet, but I think giving them false hope is important. How do we do this, Alex?" Alex looked at the boys, and then at the pavement as they drove by it slowly. Then, she got it.

"Stop." Katy hit the brake, and looked at her friend. Crystal, Meg, and Mal repositioned themselves after being tossed due to the abrupt stop performed by Katy.

"Why did i just throw my new friends, Alex?" Alex smiled, pulling her legs into the seat, sitting indian-style.

"Because we're going to follow them. We're going to be on their tail for the rest of this game, and then, right when they've made it to Michigan, we're going to proclaim victory." Crystal thought about it, and then applauded.

"Fucking genius. Let's kick some boy-band ass." Meg laughed. They weren't a boy band. Were they?


"Dirty. You're fucking brilliant. I'll never lock you in a closet or get you so drunk you can't walk or feed you shit again." Pete said, as they made their way, in secret, over to Michigan.

"Pete?" Dirty placed his hand on his friends shoulder. Pete looked at him. "That's a lie, dude." Pete sighed.

"Yeah, it is." They laughed. Patrick heard the screaching of tires, and turned, seeing a Denali pull down an alleyway.

"Guys. They've found us, and they're not going to tell us they found us, I don't think." They all turned, and looked in the same direction as Patrick.

"Fuck." Joe said. "We've only been hiding for, like, ten minutes. We suck at this game." Andy turned and looked at them.

"Wrong. They're not going to let us win, but they're not going to let us think we're going to lose. They're trying to play it smart. Give us a small tast of victory, and then rip it away." He made a ripping motion, and they all jerked back.

"Dude, you're getting a little too into this. What do you suggest...and try to explain it calmly." Patrick said, giving his friend time to breathe.

"Sorry. I'm competitive. I say, we make them think we don't know they're following, and go completely out of bounds, making them give themselves up." Pete shook his head.

"Hell, no. I'm in this to win. If we do that, everyone loses." Andy shook his head.

"Wrong. We're the intellectual victors." Dirty put his hand in the air. "Yes, Dirty?"

"My name isn't Victor." Patrick laughed.

"We're not the intellectual victors anymore." Pete placed a hand on his friends shoulder.

"It's okay, dude. I know you want to hang out with Meg. We'll see her in a bit. Stop being so uptight." Patrick looked at Pete, wide-eyed.

"I don't even know what you're talking about." Pete laughed loudly.

"Yeah. And my name's Victor."


"Where are they going? It's way out of bounds." Katy said, as she turned off of Michigan. "What are they doing?"

Alex sat up, and looked out the wondow in front of her.

"They know. Andy figured it out, i guaruntee it." They looked at her, and Meg brought her knees up to her chest, feeling defeated.

"Follow them." They all turned and looked at the boys, hearing Alex's command.

"What's the point. They're going out of bounds. We know that. They know we know that. This game just lost all of it's appeal." Crystal was obviously frustrated. Katy stopped the car and looked at her.

"Where is the nearest store?" Mal looked at her.

"It's here at this intersection, but I don't think it's open at one in the morning." Meg nodded.

"Yes it is. I worked there in high school. It's always open. Why do you need it, Katy?" Katy just smiled, and pulled into the parking lot, bringing the car to the stop.

"Alright. I need two girls who are willing to follow them on foot to keep up with them, and be secret correspondents. In other words, keep up with us via cell phone. Who'll do it?" Alex raised her hand, Meg did too.

"Alright. You guys, go now. Be carefull, and stay close, but not too close." Crystal snorted.

"This is search and evade, not "stop the assassination of our president." Katy just looked at her, then looked away.

"Seriously, guys. Go. we can't lose them." Mal looked at Meg and nodded. And with that, Meg and Alex turned the corner, out of sight.


Mal, Crystal and Katy made their way into the 24-hour convenient store.

"What's you're plan?" Katy looked at her new found friend, Mal.

"Fluff. And nerf guns. Do they have them?" Mal shrugged.

"Those really aren't typical items on my shopping list, so I couldn't tell you." Crystal nodded.

"They've got them. Trust me." Mal and Katy just looked at her. "What? We're here for it. Obviously it's not that ridiculous." They just looked forward, more focused than ever on their mission.

"Alright. we are. Mal. Can you run and get some fluff?" Mal nodded.

"I'm on it." She walked swiftly to the next aisle over, and returned in just seconds with the gold...well, the fluff.

"Ready?" Crystal asked, grabbing another gun and heading towards the register. They nodded, following her, and paying quickly. KKaty pulled out her phone, and text Alex.


MSG: Where are you guys?

Alex read as she stood, back to a freezing brick wall. She gave Meg her phone, allowing Meg to text back.

She quickly replied, and looked at Alex, pointing around the corner.

Alex turned and looked, noticing they were still standing, going over a gameplan. She looked at Meg.

"Good fucking greif. We've beat them. That's all that matters, yet I'm still in the fucking freezing rain." Meg laughed, and wrote on the paper she had.

"It's all for the sake of being the dominant gender." Alex read, and laughed, motioning that the boys were moving.

She crept around the corner, and waved her hand signaling for Meg to follow. They crept around the brick alleyway, as the boys approached a tall fence. Alex looked at Meg.

"They won't climb it. I know Andy, and he won't climb it." They looked back around the corner, and noticed the boys beginning to stick their feet and hands in the links. Alex stood, jaw dropped.

"You're kidding me." Meg laughed, and wrote.

"Remember. We're the dominant gender." Alex read, and allowed the boys to make it over the fence, before she motioned for Meg to follow, and began the upward trek.


MSG: We've been able to stay right behind them. We're almost off of Michigan, turning onto Lake.

Katy laughed as she started the car, and looked for the girls. As she pulled up behind them, arms raised, feet dangling, she laughed. She flicked the brights of the Denali onto thir awkwardy-positioned figures, and watched them as they climbed the fence.

"Where did they go?" She asked. By this time, Crystal had climbed out of the back and Mal was standing beside Katy outside of the car as well.

"Over the fence. Into that embankment. We follow?" Alex was rested on the top of the fence, breathless.

"Of course." She turned to the other two girls. "You climb?" Mal smiled.

"We don't have to. They did, but that doesn't mean we have to." Katy looked at her, questioning. Mal motioned to a small alley. Just the size for a Denali full of girls on a mission. "It leads into the embankment. I used to go down there with my boyfriend...boyfriends, actually." Crystal laughed.

"Slut." Mal looked at her.

"High school." They laughed. Alex and Meg, on the other hand, were not laughing.

"Fuck this." Alex said as she climbed down the other side. "We'll wait for your lazy asses at the bottom." Mal panicked.

"Wait. Can you even see them?" Alex looked down.

"Yeah, they've stopped. Probably to catch their breath." Katy nodded and jingled the keys.

"Alright. We'll meet you down there." She climbed back into the Denali, as did the other girls. Meg smiled. She loved these people.

But Patrick, she was even more curious about. She smiled to herself as Alex motioned to begin the climb down.


"Dude, I don't think they're even following anymore." Andy shook his head at Patrick, stopping to catch his breath.

"I know Alex. I also know Katy. They're definitely still following." Pete put his hands on his knees, and looked at the ground.

"It's cold. I don't even think this shit is worth it anymore." Patrick looked at Pete.

"What about "order from disorder", dude? What about "making the most of our night"? Taking chances? What about all of that, my formerly crusading friend?" Pete flipped him off.

"That dude is back with the umbrellas right now." He stopped.

"The umbrellas." Patrick panicked, and looked over at Joe, who was standing with 5 umbrellas hooked to his left arm, which was extended. He didn't look happy.

"Last time I save your asses." Patrick inhaled, thinking he'd lost something that was so important to Meg. All of a sudden, the five boys were blinded by head lights.

The black Denali sped around the boys in a circle, and before the 5 boys had time to figure out what was going on, white marshmallow was sticking to their faces, clothes, glasses.

"Get those assholes, and for the love of God, show them who's smarter." Katy was saying, as she drove the shooters in circles around the dumbfounded boys.

Pete put his hands in the air, laughing so hard he couoldn't breathe.

"We surrender! You win!" He said,between gasps, and the car came to a stop.

Katy placed the car in park, and removed the keys from the ignition. As they exited the car, they got a good look at their work.

Patrick was standing, right lense covered in marskmallow, hat knocked to the ground. Pete was the the recipient of the most damage, being covered from head-to-toe in marshmallow. Andy was more defeated mentally than physically, but the marshmallow damage was still considerable. Joe was on the ground, face against the concrete. They wondered if he was sleeping. Dirty, who was still shirtless, was trying to remove the marshmallow from his chest hair, picking at the goop, then licking his fingers clean. Meg gagged. Katy stepped forward, gun pointed to the sky.

"So we win?" Andy looked up at her, and walked forward. He came to her, standing almost nose to nose, then grabbed her hand, giving her a high-five. She smiled, and the rest of the players laughed.

"You fucking win." Pete said, high-fiving Mal, and hugging Meg, covering her in Marshmallow.

Meg walked to Patrick, and wiped the marshmallow off of his glasses.

"Hot chocolate?" She signed. She, in a moment of incredible bravery, leaned forward and kissed the end of his nose, removing the marshmallow. He laughed and pointed at his lips.

"I was hoping you'd ask." She smied, and looked over at Joe, who was collecting umbrellas. Her eyes widened. Mal noticed.

"Chill, my dear. They asked me. I didn't want them stuck in the rain. We would have had to call the game, okay?" Meg just sighed and nodded.

She loved her umbrellas.

She told Mal of her invitation for hot chocolate to Patrick. Mal nodded.

"Alright. Hot chocolate at our place. Everyone's invited." Meg grabbed the back of her friends shirt.

"Our place?" Mal rolled her eyes.

"You know what I mean." Meg smield, and climbed into the Denali with the others. All nine others.


um, at first i loved this chapter, but, as is typical of me, i'm second guessing. hey katy, how is the cross-stitch this time? BE HONEST. please, and thank-you, my dear, dear readers.
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