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Now, How About Some Sonic?

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Meg looked around her. Faces. Friendly faces. Faces that she had only known for a matter of hours, but faces that she knew she wanted to see beyond this night. Faces that she knew, would mean so much more than "Hi. How are you?". She Arranged her umbreallas. Biggest to smallest, then, from there, went as far as to arrange them by color, descending from lightest to darkest. Once Meg was satisfied, she walked lightly into the kitchen. What goes with hot chocolate, she thought. After running the streets of Chicago for the past hour and a half, she was sure that at least the male half of her company was hungry. She opened up the cabinet abover her refrigerator, revealing her one-hundred-percent unhealthy snack stash. Popcorn. She smiled, and pulled down the box, remvoing about 4 bags, and placing them, on-by-one, into the microwave.

Patrick watched her. Her hands, as they delicately positioned and repositioned her umbrellas. He laughed, marveling at how something that was so unimportant to him, was pure gold to her. After almost 2 days of knowing she even existed, he was amazed at everything he had seen about her. Her poise. Her intellegence. All of the girls in the past that he's even held hands with looked like, well, nothing compared to Meg.

Good greif. He thought. I've got to get my head out of this weirdness.

With all 4 bags popped, and all 4 bags placed in bowls, Meg carried the large pitcher of hot chocolate and each bowl into the living room, for her company. Now, I know I made it sound like Meg has ten arms, but really, she just had a huge tray. See? The mental picture works out so much better now, doesn't it?

"Popcorn. I fucking love popcorn." Crystal said from her place on the couch, reaching for a bowl. Joe, who was seated next to her, began to indulge also. Meg laughed. Popcorn was definitely a good choice. After pouring ten different mugs of hot chocolate, and placing the other three bowls of popcorn on the table, Meg felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned.

Patrick. She smiled, and he grabbed her hand, leading her into the other room. Andy noticed, along with Alex.

"What are they doing? Did anyone else just witness this?" Andy asked, mouth full of popcorn. Alex raised her hand.

"I just witnessed this. But I also witnessed googly-eyes from both parties at different times in the night. So i definitely witnessed it, but i'm definitely not surprised by it." Andy just looked down the hallway.

"People should really try telling me what the fuck is going on." He said, reaching for more popcorn. Joe looked at him.

"How is that possible if no one really knows?" Pete jumped onto the couch, throwing the popcorn out of Crystal's lap. SHe made a face at him, and proceeded to place the popcorn back into the bowl.

"Sorry." He said, placing an arm around Joe. "Dude. Don't say no one knows. I'm Pete Wentz, and trust me, I know." Mal just rolled her eyes.

"Hello, my best friend just walked down that hallway, and i don't even know what's going on. How could you possibly have any idea if i'm even clueless." Pete looked at her.

"You dare to doubt." Katy shook her head.

"No. She dares to think logically, but i know this is something you're morbidly unfamiliar with, so the mistake is excusable. Only this once, though." Pete flipped Katy off, and she smiled, sarcastically. Crystal continued picking at the popcorn, placing some in the bowl, and some in her mouth. Joe looked at her.

"Dirty does it." He shook his head.

"Dirty's name is 'Dirty'. He's supposed to do that." Crystal looked over at Dirty, who, in this particular instance, was trying to drink hot chocolate through a straw...with his nose. Success was far from what Dirty was acheiving, they guessed, due to the hot chocolate running down his chin, into his already marshmallow-matted chest hair. He looked up at them.

"What?" Crystal gagged.

"You're sick." He scoffed.

"Said the girl who's eating popcorn off of the couch." Crystal just looked at him.

"Please. It's a whole lot cleaner, and safer, not to mention, than what you're doing." He flipped her off, and placed the straw back in his nose. Mal made a face and looked away, attempting to speak.

"Not that I think prying into the personal life of my best friend is ever the way to go, but she's in the computer room, and the door is closed. After tonight, i'm feeling a bit spy-ish. Would anyone like to accompany me in a good ear press?" They all looked at her, no one speaking at first, then, Pete's hand shot up into the air.

"Fuck this." He said placing his mug on the table. "I want to know if my best friend is getting it on with your best friend." Mal just looked at him.

"I know Meg well enough to know that that is definitely not happening." Pete made a face.

"And I know Patrick well enough to know that it just might be."


Patrick pulled her into what looked like an office, and closed the door behind him. Meg trusted him, sure, but this still made her a bit uncomfortable. She wasn't a picture of innocence or anything. Believe me. There are a lot of bridges she'd burned, and happily, but situations like this still made her uneasy, no matter how many times she found herself in them.

Patrick noticed her uneasiness, and looked back at the door he'd just shut, then pointed at his lips.

"Do you want me to open it? I'm not going to try anything. I just want to talk to you without the intrusion of 8 extremely loud young adults. Trust me?" She smiled and wrote on her pad of paper from earlier in the evening. Sure, he could understand some sign language, but this method of communication was just faster. She ripped out the small pice of paper, and handed it to Patrick.

"Of course." He smiled, pointing at his lips again.

"I want to know what made you kiss my nose earlier. I'm usually not this forward...about anything. But i really want to know, and i think it would simplify things a whole lot if i just...asked." Meg looked at him, and began scribbling on the pad of paper once more.

"What do you think?" He read, and shrugged.

"If I had any idea, I wouldn't be asking." She nodded, and wrote.

"I was hoping you did, because honestly, I'm not so sure why I did it." He read, feeling a little disappointed. She noticed, and took the paper from him, writing again.

"But let's spend more time together, so maybe we can both find out." He smiled, and she did too.


"Mal, this is boring." Mal looked over at Pete, and whispered.

"You said you wanted to come." Pete made a face.

"I didn't think about the fact that I'd only be hearing one side of the conversation." Mal gave him a look, and re-pressed her ear to the door. She furrowed her brows, looking over at Pete. "Why don't I hear any-"

The door opened, cauing Mal and Pete to stumble into each other, eventually ending up with Mal on the ground, and Pete on top of her.

"Perfect. God has punished us." Mal said, as she shoved Pete off of her broken-feeling body.

"You liked it." Mal shook her head.

"You. Not me. You." Patrick and Meg stepped around their ill-fallen friends, and went back into the living room.

Meg looked at Katy, and Katy winked. She signed.

"Nothing happened, Katy. I'm here because I haven't had any hot chocolate."

"Why's he here?" Meg smiled.

"Because I sort of owe him." Katy looked at the pitcher, and Meg followed her gaze. Patrick looked too.

"Sons of bitches took all of the hot chocolate." Crystal pointed over at dirty, other hand in the popcorn bowl.

"You can thank your brainless, hairy friend for that. He decided it was ideal to try drinking it trhough his nose." Patrick looked at Dirty, who was sort of lost in the conversation, due to the fact that he was half asleep.

"I wouldn't want to wake him..." Meg smiled, and put her arm around Patrick. No one noticed.

Which, was probably for the best.
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