Review for Saving Nikki

Saving Nikki

(#) Ophthal 2013-11-13

OMG this is awesome keep going!!!!!!! I've always loved Nikki as well!! I read his bio The Heroin Diaries & it scared me to death, I can't believe he actually managed to make it through that whole mess alive!! I think that book should be required reading for all junior & senior high schools!! I'm sooo glad he's happy & healthy now & has years to look forward too!! I think he & Kat Von D should have stayed together, I thought they were perfect for each other!!! 
Please update soon I can't waIt to see how this all plays out!! Is he going to fall for her & straighten up his act??
Your in my favorites!!!

Author's response

thank you so much for liking this. I will definately keep going with it. I tend to make things long so I will try and keep a reader interested for a while before i reach my punchline. and i so love Nikki, not the others really, just nikki. I too have the heroin diaries and the dirt and pray my hubby gets me this is gonna hurt for xmas. thankyou again. keep me informed of how im doing.