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CHAPTER 3: The Inner Sanctum

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CHAPTER 3: The Inner Sanctum

Upon arriving at Nikki's house we were greeted by a tall iron fence and pillars with gargoyles on top of them. They were quite menacing. Doc rolled down the limo window and pressed a button on a keypad. He waited a moment but nothing happened. He pressed the button again and waited even longer. There was still nothing happening. Again he pressed the button with a disappointed sigh.
"WHAT!?" A voice yelled at him through the speaker box. It had to be Nikki.
"It's Doc, open the damn gate," Doc yelled into the speaker.
"I'm busy! What do you want?" The voice of my dearest Nikki answered hastily.
"I've got your new assistant. Open the gate," Doc adamantly urged.
"You mean my fucking baby sitter?!" He snapped. "Go the fuck away! Come back tomorrow!"
"Open this damn gate you little shit!" Doc fumed holding his ground firmly. Soon there was a buzzing noise and the iron gate began rolling back.
I guess I expected a yard of the month or something. What I saw was anything but that. There was a fountain out front with no water in it. The grass wasn't plush and green but patchy and almost hay-like. There were some rose bushes but they were unkept and sickly looking. I tried to excuse it all by telling myself that this was a busy guy who had most likely not been home in six months.
We got out of the limo and stepped up to the doorbell. After a minute or two when Nikki didn't answer Doc reached over to a gargoyle statue and pulled it forward. Underneath it was a key. He stuck it in the door and unlocked it. He took a step in the front door and I was eagerly at his heels. He turned and stopped me. "Slowly," he said almost as if he were warning me.he turned his leery eyes forward and slowly walked through the door. "Nikki!" He called out. He turned to me once more. "Just wait here. Ok?"
I nod as he turns and goes down a hallway. I take this opportunity to survey my surroundings. It was awfully dark in there. Every curtain and shade was pulled shut and no light penetrated inside. It was freezing as if the ac was on it's lowest setting. My thoughts are broke off to the sound of them yelling back and fourth at one another. I can't make out what they're saying. Some time later Doc returns.
"I'm sorry about this. Nikki's a Just give him a second to...get in a better mood." He then turned to me more seriously and spoke softly as if he didn't want Nikki to hear him. "Look Miss Rossi...In two weeks he is going back out on the road. The first week he's back he can be a real...asshole...what with the DT's and withdrawal and shit. Just keep him alive."
I give him an odd look.
"It's alot to ask, believe me i know. Nikki just isn't responding to any of us anymore, not even Tommy. We hoped that maybe a fresh new pretty face would do the trick."
"I'm confused," I reply. "Am I an assistant or am I a nurse?"
Doc sighed, "Just do your best. If you can't do it I understand."
About that time I could make out a dark tangled mess of hair poking out from around the corner. There were eyes looking at me but I couldn't see them for the hair. It was Nikki. He walked forward, his arms wrapped around himself as if he were in pain trying to hold himself together.
"Ah here he is," Doc smiled. "Nikki, this is your new assistant, Jennifer Rossi."
He pulled his fingernails to his mouth and nodded at me. I stood there frozen as his hidden eyes scanned me from head to toe. I couldn't help but notice how pale he was and his edginess.
"Hi, I'm Jennifer," I muster up the courage to say as I extend my hand out to him.
He nods and extends his shaking hand out to me. "Nikki." I can't help but notice blotches and bruises and scabs all around the bend of his arm. I think he must have seen me looking because he quickly pulled his arm back and looked down. "She'll do," he replied flatly as he turned and began walking away.
"Where are you headed Sixx? Back to your closet?" Doc asked him with a condesending tone. Nikki only shot him the bird over his shoulder and disappeared. "Well so much for the meet and greet," Doc sighed, "come on, I'll show you to the assholes guest room. Tonight just stick to your room. It has a bathroom. His majesty's room is at the end of the hall but just stay away. He has the damn guns out. I'll send someone over from security tomorrow to help you keep him in line. If you get scared or need anything I'm only a phone call away."
I nod but I'm starting to have my doubts about being in a house with a drug addict and a loaded weapon. Should I be running for the hills screaming? What was I getting myself into here?
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