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CHAPTER 4: Sympathy For The Devil

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the first day living with nikki

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CHAPTER 4: Sympathy For The Devil

When I woke up the next morning things were quiet. I got up and got dressed and walked out of the room and found my way to Nikki's kitchen. I was hungry but I didn't want to just scour his kitchen. So I stood there looking lost. Then like out of some dream Nikki appeared in the doorway. I gasped when I saw him.
"Didn't mean to scare you," he softly slurred at me. I could actually see his eyes this morning but the hair was still a wild black tangled mess. His eyes were sunk into his blackened sockets. They were barely open. He stood so tall but was frightfully skinny. "I didn't have any food so I went and got you some donuts," he mumbled motioning to a box on the counter top.
"Oh...thank you." I nervously reply.He left the house in this shape?
"Am I makin you nervous?" He asked taking a few steps closer to me. I don't know what to say at this point. "I'm not as fucked up as Doc makes me sound ya know," he says as he scratches the side of his face. "He just doesn't want the checks to stop flowing in."
I can't help but notice a trail of dried blood on his arm. " have some..." I nervously point at it.
His weary eyes glance down at his arm. He nervously tries to hide it. I walk over to the sink and wet a few paper towels and cross back over to him. I reach out for his arm and he lets me wipe it away. I can feel his eyes on me, studying me. I'm so nervous right now but I try not to show it. This is my biggest teenage crush standing here before me. He was a far cry from the poster I had laminated in lipstick, but it was still him.
"Not the job you expected huh?" He asks with a slight hint of sarcasm. I'm not sure if it is directed at me or at himself. I didn't know how to answer.
"You ok?" I question and glance at him. I'm close enough to make out the color of his eyes but it is difficult to see for the dilated pupils. I know they're supposed to be a pale grayish green, but there's so much black in the way.
Nikki nods at me and gently takes me by the wrist that is wiping him. "I'm fine. Do you need anything else before I go to bed?"
I shake my head no. Nikki staggers from the room and I'm all alone in his Rock Star mansion again.
I spend my day trying to tidy up his house a bit. It is littered with the evidence of a lot of partying. Beer cans sit on almost any and every flat surface. A tower of them is constructed on the coffee table. Spilled ashtrays have smutted up his tan carpet. Mystery stains are everywhere. I find bottles of Jack Daniels stashed in almost every cabinet, shelf and pantry. Drug related things lurk almost everywhere. White residue traces are on the glass coffee table. Rolled up bills are scattered about. Razor blades are here and there. Finally around three in the afternoon I'm done and starving. The donuts are long gone and I know nothing else is here. I decide to order take out, but I don't know Nikki's address. I know it may be midnight before he wakes up. I look around trying to find some mail or something but can't seem to. Eventually I'm left with no option but to wake him up and ask him.
I walk down the hall to his bedroom door. All seems quiet inside his room. I tap at the door but there is no response. I know he's either out cold or plain dead. I reach for the knob expecting it to be locked, but to my surprise it isn't. I slowly push the door open and see Nikki in his bed. He is sort of propped up, his head dangling over, one foot rested on the floor, with a bottle of Jack still clutched in his hand. I thought the rest of the house was bad. I could see a pile of empty Jack bottles smashed in the corner of the room. There were holes in the sheet rock. Cigarette burns were all over the floor. I could see a blackened bent spoon by the bed. Cigarettes had been sniffed out on the night stand. Candy wrappers were scattered everywhere. I saw more womens undergarmets draped everywhere than I did his dirty clothes. Candle wax had melted down and fused a candle to his night stand. A needle lay in the bed next to him, along with a torn open and scattered bag of cotton balls. I walk over to him and work up the nerve to wake him. "Mr. Sixx," I say softly but he doesn't budge. "Mr. Sixx," I say again, this time louder. He still doesn't respond. I reach out to nudge him "Nikki," I almost shout. He jerks in the bed startled and spills the Jack everywhere.
"What the fuck do you want?" He yells at me as he jumps up out of the wet bed. "Why the fuck are you in my room?!"
I'm so rattled by his anger that I can't even speak. I just stand there in shock.
"Well?!" He impatiently asks as he slings whiskey from his finger tips.
"I...I was hungry...a-and was just about to order something but I didn't know your address."
"Well how the fuck should I know?" He yelled ripping the sheets off the bed. They were filthy anyway. "Fucking call Doc and ask him!" He climbed back onto the stripped bed and peered at me frozen to his floor."Good fucking bye!"
I quickly turn and exit his room.
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