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CHAPTER 5: Can You Say Split Personality

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life in the sixx household

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CHAPTER 5: Can You Say Split Personality

Well I made it through a whole week here at Nikki's dope den. It's been one crazy week full of loud parties, strippers, other whacked out musicians, drug dealers and Joe the security guy sent up to help me with Nikki. Joe snorts more coke than Nikki I think. Thanks a bunch Doc. So how do I spend my time you ask? Hiding in Nikki's guest room for the most part. I don't drink really and I certainly don't do drugs. So I just hide out and listen. I check on Nikki from time to time to make sure he's still breathing. It's a miracle he is. He's alternating between shooting coke and heroin, sometimes it's a cocktail of both. He always has a bottle of Jack in his hand. For the most part he just ignores the fact that I'm here. Sometimes he sends me out after things. He lets me drive is awesome car though. He's a very moody guy and I never know what kind of mood he's going to be in. It's scary sometimes when I find him puking his brains out. Sometimes I find him just passed out anywhere. The other day he spent the entire day locked in his closet screaming about Mexicans. Then a dope dealer came and he seemed to settle down.Slowly my nieve little childhood fantasies are getting a grasp of reality.
I walk to the door of my room and prepare myself for another day in this rock stars whacked out hell. When I open the door Nikki is on his stomach in the hallway. He's scribbling on paper. He looks up at me and smiles genuinely. "Hey Ginger."
"It's Jennifer," I correct him. "What are you doing down there?"
"Oh...ya know, just writing in my diary before I assistant is Jennifer...not Ginger..." he spoke writing it down as he said it.
"But why are you in the hallway?" I ask.
"It's private and it's my hallway," he says continuing to write. He glances up at me. "There's a couple of chicks passed out in my room. I was afraid they'd just want to fuck me or want my dope if I woke them I'm here in the hallway. There's no windows here so I feel safer. The fucking Mexicans can't see me here."
Not the Mexicans again I think to myself.
Nikki lets out a slight laugh as he sees the fear creeping over my face. "I'm kidding Mexicans today." He sits up indian style and looks at me for a moment. He looks deep in thought. "Ya could be hot if you tried. Why don't you let me take you shopping? I can't have my assistant dressed like this."
" I couldn't..."
"Sure you can...look at it like this, it's less money I can use to spend on drugs.Come on you'll be doing me a favor. I'll even shower...and you can drive. Come on what do ya say?"
Nikki sprung from the floor in a single bound. "Great...I just need you to do a little recon mission into my room and fetch me some clothes. I'm using this shower so I don't wake up those girls."
I smile and nod. Nikki disappears into my room and I quietly sneak into his. I see not two but three girls sprawled out on his bed totally naked. I walk to his dresser and find socks but no underwear. I don't even see dirty ones. Finally it crosses my mind that Nikki probably doesn't wear them since he wears so much leather. I shut a drawer and a girl shifts in the bed. I pause and then cross over to the closet to get him some clothes. Everything he owns seems to be black, leather, or torn. I rumage through the options and come out with a pair of leather pants and a silkish shirt with polka dots on it. I return with the items to my room and knock on the door. "Nikki I have your clothes."
"Bring em in," I can hear him shouting over the water running.
What? I think to myself. Then I realize that this is Nikki Sixx, why the hell would he be shy? I open the door and walk in trying my best not to look at the outline of his naked body through the showers glass door. I can't resist just one peek. As I look I see Nikki turn to me and smile. He completely busts me checking him out but he seems amused by it. He turns another direction as if he's giving me a better view. I quickly put the clothes down and rush out. Outside I can't help but smile. I saw him naked. Wow.
About twenty minutes later Nikki emerges clean and dresses and freshly shaved. His hair is wet and not styled in his signature Nikki Sixx style. He looks the best I've seen since I got here. Those leather pants conform to every contour of his butt and muscular thighs. And today I can actually see his beautiful eyes. There is black there, but not so much today. The darkness of his clothes and his hair really make them stand out.
"Ya ready Jen?" He asks me.
I can only nod. We walk out and are face to face with one of the naked girls from the bedroom.
"Nikki...hey baby, there you are...come back to bed."
"Nah...I gotta go...and you gotta go." He shakes his head.
"Who's this bitch?" She asks snarling at me.
Nikki looks to me and shrugs, "Jennifer..."
The naked girl smirks and looks me up and down. "You slummin Nikki?"
"Bitch at least he knows my name!" I snap. Nikki looks to me and busts out laughing.
"Time to go," He crosses his arms smiling at the girl.
"Whatever you fucking suck in bed anyway. I only fucked you because you're Nikki Sixx."
"So whats the hold up then?" I ask. The naked bitch rolls her eyes and storms off.
"Fake tittys," Nikki mumbles then turns to me. "Aren't we a mean ass little kitty when we wanna be?"
I shyly smile.
"Glad you're on my side...shit," he shakes his head as we start outside. When we get outside I hear him moan at the sunlight and put on a pair of shades.
"You ok?" I ask.
He nods and forces a smile to his face. "yeah lets do this."
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