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CHAPTER SIXX: Down The Drain

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as someone with alot of experience with drug addicts let me tell you one thing...there are not perfect days with them. every day turns to night, everything good goes bad, the smiles always fade.

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CHAPTER SIXX: Down The Drain

Nikki took me shopping. He really only required me for the visual and size aspects of things because he only bought me what he wanted to see me in. I looked like one of his cheap bimbos with tight mini skirts, fishnets, and high heels, but whatever keeps him happy right? The clothes I suppose aren't that horrible. Overall Nikki is actually quite good at picking out womens clothes...go figure. Next i suppose he will be giving me a makeover. I know he has to be able to apply eyeliner like nobodys business.
After shopping he asks me if I'm hungry. I say yes so he takes me to a resteraunt somewhere downtown where a rock star definately doesnt fit in. Nor does my Nikki Sixx approved apparel. Yet, we sit there amongst the stares and wait on our food to be served. I'm not even sure what I ordered because everything on the menue was written in Italian. Nikki tells me I ordered pasta.
"So Jen...where are you from?" He asks me figiting with the corner of his dinner napkin.
"Charleston," I reply.
"Oh, southern belle and shit huh?"
"no," I smile. "What about you?" I politely ask although I already know the answer.
"From lots of places...LA mostly." His eyes start to dart about the room. He seems nervous. I'm not sure if it is because of all the people gawking at us or for some other underlying reason.
"So how long have you been on heroin?" I flatly ask him.
His eyes dart up to mine and he acts as if he doesnt know hat to say. "A-a while," he sighs sitting up straighter in his chair. I cant help but notice his skin is starting to have an oily shine to it. "Look Jennifer," he says focusing on his dinner napkin again, "I have people preaching that 'you gotta stop' shit at me all fucking day. We're gonna be spending a lot of time together so lets not get off on the wrong foot. This is a job and there are rules here..."
I nod slowly. "ok what are my rules then?"
Nikkis eyes look at me then float away. "Dont ask me to stop. Dont tell me I cant do this and I cant do that. Dont run off to management and tell them 'Oh Nikki did this'. Just be on my team...their team is full. Team Sixx needs some players. Are you with me?"
I nod and say yes despite the fact that Motley Crue's management wanted the complete opposite. From day one I've wanted to be team Sixx. Surely I can keep him alive like Doc asks without selling him out.
"Good," he sighs and forces a fake smile to his face. "Now since we have that cleared up...welcome to team Sixx."
I smile. "I have rules too you know."
He sighs and gives me a crooked half grin. "Of course you do...hit me...what are they?"
"That you will never publicly embarrass me. That you show me the respect I show you. That you will not run off and leave me wondering where you are. That you will do everything expected of you and Motley Crue. And most importantly... you wont die on me."
Nikki's eyes flutter down. "O-ok," he nods without looking me in the eyes. I can tell by his body language that hes lying to me, but I don't care. Maybe I'm still too star struck in his presence.
A moment later our food is brought out and sat before us. I practically dive in head first. Living at Nikki's is like being on a starvation diet. It seems as if he never eats anything but junk food. He definately never buys groceries. So I'm going broke just trying to eat take out once a day. What can I say, team Sixx has a great diet plan. I eventually notice that Nikki has barely touched his food. He is instead swirling it around with his fork. Occasionally he nibbles at it and puts it back down.
"Something wrong with your food?" I ask but he doesnt reply. "Whats wrong its not Hersheys and Doritos?"
He still doesnt reply right away. He brings a small bite to his mouth and chews it for an eternity without swallowing. "Real food just doesnt taste right anymore. Its like I've forgotten how to eat," he shrugs laying his fork down. "Nothing tastes like its supposed to...all I can taste is salty or,cold...wet or dry."
I continue eating. "So how long is this tour?"
He looks down shaking his head and softly replies, "I dont even know anymore. Seems like it never stops." I notice the way he starts to figit in his seat with his eyes darting around again. Suddenly a teenage girl approaches him with a shred of paper.
"Can I have your autograph?" she eagerly smiles.
I watch the way he just flips a switch and turns on his charm. "Sure," he smiles at her as she proceeds to tell him how much of a fan she is. He scribbles his name and a few words and hands it to her. She squeals and rushes off.
I look at Nikki. "Whats that like? People recognizing you and wanting an autograph or a picture?"
"Sometimes I love it...but sometimes its like a fucking curse," he sighs shifting his weight. "you about done? Im ready to split."
"I'm not done eating yet..."
He sighs deeply, "Cant you get it to go?"
"Why are you in such a hurry to go all of the sudden?"
His eys ony dart around as he shifts his weight again trying to be patient, but it doesnt last. He flags a waitress and gets the food to go. When we get back to his car I've barely cranked it before his is pulling a needle from his boot.
"Woah! What the hell are you doing?" I ask.
He replies with nonchalance, "I'd think that would be pretty obvious."
I see a light sweat starting to form on his forehead. I dont want to watch but how can I keep from it? He jerks his belt off, wraps it around his arm tightly holding it in his teeth. He slaps at his arm and frantically searches for a vein. Inside the syringe is a brownish golden liquid. He sticks the tip of the needle in his skin and pulls backwards on the plunger. He then slides the needle even deeper under his skin and does it again. This time a stream of red blood clouds into the brown liquid. He starts to shove the plunger down releasing the bloody mixture into his vein.
I watch as his body starts to relax. The belt slips from his teeth. His eyes start to droop. He just sits there with his hand still on the needle, not yet moving. Is he awake I wonder to myself. I listen as his breathing takes on a different form. Eventually his eyes crack open slightly and he pulls the needle from his arm. He puts the cap back on it and slides it back into his boot. With multiple delayed reactions he turns to me.
"You gonna go or what?"
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