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CHAPTER 7: What's Too Much

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CHAPTER 7: What's Too Much

A week later my world was crumbling. I had gone back out on tour with Nikki. We were in Toronto. Nikki began sweating on the plane ride. He got even paler than normal. By the time we were landing he has a terrible runny nose. He was starting to develop a fever. I though he was coming down with something despite the fact that he must have killed about 30 something airplane sized bottles of Jack. I urged him to see a doctor but he said he was fine. As the day progressed he only got worse and a lot drunker. Just before the show he got some coke from Tommy and shot it up. It seemed to make him a little better. At least he could move without having an apparent drag to him. While he was on stage he seemed to be ok. It was then that Doc cornered me with an inquisition.
"Hows our boy doing?" He asks me.
"Fine," I lie.
"Is he going through withdrawal yet?"
"Im not sure really...I mean I dont really know the signs."
"Flu like symptoms," he answers.
Well this explains the plane ride. "He seems fine," I reply motioning to him on the stage. I guess this pleases Doc because he leaves.
After the show I see Nikki walking toward me. I can see how exhausted he seems. He pauses his stride and leans against the wall.
"You ok?" I ask.
His knees seem to give out and he almost falls but I grab him and help support him. I dont know if I should get him help or not. He throws an arm around my shoulders. "Help me back to the hotel."
I put my arm around his waist and help him walk down the corridor with the aid of the wall. Joe spots us and helps me walk him out of the arena and to a limo. Just before we help him in he stops to vomit. It smells like straight Jack and appears to be nothing but that.
"Nikki what do I do?" I ask.
He shakes his head, "Just get me to the hotel."
Once we get him in the limo he lays his head down in my lap taking me by surprise. I can feel the sweat in his hair on my legs. He's burning up. " this withdrawal?" I ask. I can feel his head nodding in my lap. I look down at his profile and move his sweaty hair out of his eyes. I can feel him trembling. "Its going to be ok..." I reflexively say. The truth was I didnt have a clue how it was going to be. I feel Nikki's hand making a fist with the hem of my skirt clutched in his grip. I then feel him throwing up at my feet, but its only a trickle this time. He is mostly dry heaving. I dont know what else to do so I stroke his back as he continues drawing up into dry heaves.
We get back to the hotel and get Nikki out of the limo where he vomits yet again. Joe and I drag him to the elevator down a hall and to his room. I help him get his boots and shirt off and lying in the bed. I'm about to leave his room when I hear him faintly mumble. "Stay...please."
I look at him helpless and dripping wet on the bed. I nod alright. He quickly tries to get up. I know he must need to vomit again. I rush to his side to help get him in the bathroom. He falls to his knees in front of the toilet and begins heaving. When he moves his head away I can see it is crimson red with blood. "Nikki!" I gasp.
"Its nothing," he pants as he rests his face on the cool seat of the toilet. I can see a touch of blood on his lip. I rush to the sink and wet a cloth and lower myself down on my knees next to him. I wipe it from his mouth and dab at his sweat.
"N-Nikki I dont know what to do," I say in a panic stricken voice.
I see his shaking hand reach up and gently cup my wrist. His eyes meet with mine. He looks so tired and sick and wiped out. "This is good," he nods.
I know hes trying to assure me that everything will be ok, but this is anything but ok. I have never done this before. I've never been around it. I know I'm not helping at all. "Should I get a doctor?"
He shakes his head and closes his eyes. A minute later he starts struggling to get up. I help him back to the bed. "You think you could find me some pills...I need something for sleep...T-Bone will help you get them."
"N-no Nikki...I'm not leaving you," I shake my head adamantly.
"I'll be alright...please I need something...this hurts Jen...please...please help me."
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