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CHAPTER 8:Looking Up

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Jen enjoys a happier side of Nikki

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CHAPTER 8:Looking Up

About a week later Nikki seemed much better. He was still pale. He still hardly ever ate. He still drank way too much and consumed every drug he could get his hands on. Luckily heroin wasn't one of them. As the traces of Heroin worked their way out of Nikki's system I began watching him simply come alive again. When he met his fans the smile on his face was genuine and not forced. When he was on the stage he seemed to really be enjoying it. Nikki even had a practical joking kind of sense of humor. His pranks usually went way too far but people laughed. When him and Tommy were together you never know what these two would come up with. They would lock people in their rooms or get them to come to the door and throw messy things in their faces. They would steal limos from their drivers and make them chase them around a parking lot. They would lock their bus driver off of the tour bus and wave at him through the windows. Nikki was a complete fire bug. He was always setting fire to things with hairspray and rubbing alcohol. He would light up hotel room doors, beds, carpets, trash cans, just anything he could when he got bored. Still it was nice seeing him laugh and smile. Nikki had the most amazing smile. It was so much nicer than the rest of the guys. It was warm and glowing and you believed it was so innocent. I knew better, I knew it was the gleam of the devil instead. However, I didnt mind I was liking the playful little devil side of Nikki.
"JEN!" Nikki burst through my hotel room door. Tommy was at his heels like the playful side kick puppy he was.
"Me and T-Bone are going out, come with us."
"Yeah," Tommy nods vigerously.
" two go, stay out of trouble." I say.
"But thats why you gotta come," Nikki smiles, "we cant stay out of trouble."
"Yeah we need a voice of reason," Tommy nods again.
"Like you two listen to me," I roll my eyes.
"Oh come on," Nikki whines, "you're not being a very good baby sitter."
"Yeah whats wrong with you, you cant let two kids go out alone," Tommy says looking at me befuddled.
"Its your job Jen...its your job to follow me around and keep me out of trouble. I think Doc would be pissed if you didnt go." Nikki nods at me with all seriousness.
"Yeah...yeah, Doc would be pissed," Tommy agreed with the same serious look.
I roll my eyes with a smile that gives in.
"Yeaaaa," They both cheer and drag me from the room by my wrists.
"Where are we going?" I ask as they drag me.
"We're going..." Tommy begins but Nikki gives him a look and mumbles.
"Ixnay on the ippersstray."
I look to them both, "Wait a minute...I am not going to a strip club."
"Yes you are," Nikki tugs at me. "thats where we are going and you're going with you're going to a strip club."
I put on my brakes the best I can when I have two guys over six feet tall dragging me. "No way...absolutely not." I protest.
"It'll be great," Nikki says dragging me harder.
"Yeah...a chic in a strip club is like a magnet to strippers," Tommy says dragging me too.
Obviously I was not getting out of this. So I went to my first strip club with two of the bad boys from Motley Crue. It was insane. Strippers were all over us and money was flying all over the place. Nikki and Tommy must have dropped a couple grand each. I guess the strippers could smell the money because they treated them like they were the only guys there. Whiskey flowed like water and coke came down like snow. They crammed shot after shot down my throat and I don't drink. It wasn't long before my world was spinning and I was getting a sick feeling.
"I think I'm gonna be sick," I mumble thinking no one can hear me. I guess Nikki did though because he got me into the bathroom just as I blew chunks all over the toilet.
"You're ok," I hear him say as he pulls my hair back and holds it. "Its ok, I'll take you back to the hotel."
After I puke my brains out Nikki holds me around my waist and walks me out of the club back to the limo. He gets in with me and tells the driver to take us back.
" stay," I tell him.
"Its ok...Im all out of singles anyway," he smiles.
"But what about Tommy?" I ask.
"Hes like a dog...he always sniffs his way home."
I guess I passed out because the next thing I know I'm looking at the hotels carpet and walls but its upside down. I lift my head to see that Nikki has me in his arms carrying me down the hall to my room. Joe opens my door for Nikki and he carries me inside. He lays me down on the bed and takes off my heels. I try to mumble things like thank you, but I don't think they come out this way.
"Its cool," Nikki smiles down at me. He climbs onto the bed next to me and pulls me over to him so that my head is resting on his chest. "Just returning the favor." I can feel his hand stroking my hair. Im almost out again but I think I hear him softly humming. Who knew he could be so sweet.
The next morning I awake to a sun ray shining in my eyes. My head feels like railroad workers have been driving spikes in it all night. I feel movement under me and raise my head. I looked and am shocked to see Nikki sprawled out on my bed asleep. What was he doing there? e and I are both fully clothed so Im confident and relieved that no hanky panky went on last night. Then fuzzy memories began creeping into my brain about the strip club and getting sick. Had Nikki taken care of me? He feels me moving and opens his eyes.
"Morning sunshine," he stretches with a yawn, "hows the head?"
I grumble slightly and bury my face in the bed. I hear him chuckle slightly.
"I know just what you I got what you need," he says and reaches for a half empty bottle of Jack by the bed. He shoves it at me and I turn my head.
" way."
"No, you need to drink some of it...Asprin wont fix this."
"Neither will caused it."
"It'll take it all away me."
I study the sincerity on his face. Against my better judgement I take the bottle from Nikki and notice his hand is shaking slightly.
"Are you alright?" I ask him.
"I'll be a lot better once you take a drink and give me that bottle back." So I pull it to my mouth and take a sip. "More," Nikki instructs me. I take another sip and choke it down as the hair on my arms stands on end. "Would you stop being a pussy and get a drink," He frowns. I put the bottle to my mouth a third time and Nikki pushed the bottom of the bottle up filling my mouth. "There...that'll do." He proceeds to take the bottle from me and kill it in one drink.
"How can you drink that like that?" I ask shaking off the whiskey shivers.
He slightly smiles, "Lots of practice."
Surprisingly within 20 minutes I felt as good as new. Nikki however was just getting started. He pulls a vial of coke from his pocket and glances at me. "Dont worry...I dont have any needles right now." He pours all of the coke out onto the night stand and brings out a credit card and a hundred dollar bill from his wallet. He starts separating it out into lines. He rolls the bill between his thumb and index finger. "Ya want some?" He asks. I adamantly shake my head no. "More for me," he shrugs and leans over it with the bill to his nose and sucks it up like a vaccume cleaner. Then he does it again in the other nostril. He leans his head back sniffling and waiting for it to work its way down his throat. He then leans back over it for more. Within fifteen minutes all the coke is gone and Nikki is chipper and ready to start his day.
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