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CHAPTER 9: The Gesture

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Jen shows nikki just how team sixx she really is

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CHAPTER 9: The Gesture

The months drag by and life at the circus is anything but simple and easy. Nikki has me on the scariest wild roller coaster ride imaginable. Just when everything looks as though hes slowing down someone gives him drugs or he sniffs them out like a hound in heat. Luckily the heroin is scarce but when he can get it he devours it. If he could buy it he would kill himself in one night. Out here on the road only one person seems concerned with Nikki's welfare besides me and thats Tommy. I dont think anyone knows Nikki like Tommy seems to. Tommy has a way of just swooshing Nikki out of a place that may potentially be loaded with heroin. He really is his best friend. However, I cant help but notice that Nikki drags Tommy down. He always talks Tommy into doing things he probably wouldnt do on his own. Nikki seems to be the bad influence in their relationship. Tommy will do anything Nikki asks him to do. Its like hes always waiting on Nikki's approval and a pat on the head.
My thoughts are startled by the sound of glass breaking in the room next to mine. It is accompanied by loud yells and women screaming. Before I can get up Tommy is bursting through my door. "Call down to the lobby and tell em to send a doc up dude...Nikki is freaking the fuck out!"
I quickly call for help and send them to Nikki's room. I rush next door to see Nikki repeatedly stabbing himself with a needle in the arm on the floor screaming "IM NOT NIKKI! IM NOT NIKKI!"
Tommy is doing the best he can to get the needle away from Nikki but Nikki is swinging at him. "Dude! Calm the fuck down...You're just fucked up dude!"
Nikki only continues to scream. "IM NOT NIKKI! IM NOT NIKKI!" He stabs at himself again.
"OK DUDE! YOURE NOT NIKKI MAN! DUDE STOP STABBING YOUR GODDAMN ARM!" Tommy is trying desperately to get the needle away but Nikki is protecting it with all hes worth. I stand helpless as the blood splatters the walls. I can see nothing but tears of confusion streaming down Nikki's twisted face. I feel so helpless. I want to help but I just don't know how. About that time Tommy sucker punches Nikki and it dazes him long enough to get the needle out of his hand. Tommy quickly tosses the bloody syringe to me. I instinctively just try to hide it. About that time the doctor makes it there. Even he seems a bit taken back by the sight of all the blood. Nikki and Tommy both are a mess. Tommy throws Nikki, who is still screaming to the top of his lungs that hes not Nikki, down on the bed and tries to pin him with his weight. This does no good because Tommy doesnt weigh a buck o five soaking wet. Nikki rolls him onto the floor with no problem. The doctor just stands there turning pale. Nikki thrusts himself back against the headboard of the bed. He looks like a frightened wild animal about to attack anything that gets near him. I slowly walk towards him.
"Jen dont," Tommy says getting up off the floor.
I ignore him and proceed even closer to Nikki. I pull a terrified smile to my face and look into Nikki's panic stricken eyes. "Frankie..." I say apprehensively. Nikki doesnt freak so I slowly sit next to him. Before I know whats happening Nikki is burying his face in my chest and sobbing like a two year old as he clutches at my clothes.
"Im not Nikki..." he sobs.
"Its ok Frankie," I say as I gently wrap my arms around him. "Its ok...lets let the doctor look at your arm...ok?" I can feel him nod and extend his arm past me to the doctor. The doctor who is terrified immediately gives Nikki a sedative shot of some sort. "Its ok..." I continue saying until I feel Nikki becoming less tense in my arms. About that time Doc is rushing in with Joe.
"What the fuck?!" He asks in disbelief.
Tommy can only look at him and shrug.
"What did he take?" The doctor asked looking around at us all. I shake my head not knowing.
"Dude I have no idea," Tommy shrugs. "Ive never seen him like this before."
"What happen you miss a vein Nikki?" Doc asks sarcastically.
Nikki slowly shakes his head and slurs, "Im not Nikki..."
"Oh..." Doc nods in adgitation, "Thats good because I thought for a moment that my bass player...Nikki Sixx was a bloody fucking mess."
"Im not Nikki," he continues slurring burying his face back into my chest.
"Oh well...problem solved then. Miss Rossi, can I speak to you for a moment." Doc motions for me.
"No," I shake my head, "Im not leaving him."
"Youre not...If you value your job you will get your ass into this hallway...Now!" Doc yells at me.
"Dude she had nothing to do with this," Tommy shouts.
"Yes I can see that! Shes supposed to prevent shit like this from ever happening! Where were you Miss Rossi? Why is Nikki all bloody and fucked up?" Doc yells.
"Dude everything was fine," Tommy began, " Nikki hasnt done anything but some coke and drink some...then he just freaked the fuck out screaming he wasnt Nikki. Then he just fucking starts stabbing himself over and over. I think hes lost his fucking mind aint Jens fault."
"Clean this goddamn shit up," Doc says then disappears.
The doctor starts cleaning Nikki up. Tommy stands watching. Nikki is watching too with his head rested on my chest. Every time the doctor wipes the blood away more just instantly comes to the surface. Nikki's arm looks like a buckshot wound. He seems mezmurized almost, like hes created some beautiful masterpiece of art.
"Damn dude," Tommy sighs wiping his face with a towel.
"You should go get cleaned up now," I tell Tommy, "hes ok now."
"You sure?" He asks.
I nod and rest my head on top of Nikki's. I continue to hold him until the doctor is done and has bandaged his arm. I then lay him back and go into the bathroom to wet a towel to clean him. I return and look at his face which is now calm and mellow. Im still unsure if his wits have come back to him yet or if hes still not Nikki. I wipe the blood from his face as his green eyes scan mine. He looks so innocent and almost child like. You would never believe that 20 minutes ago this sweet face was a raging dangerous maniac.
"You ok?" I ask. His eyebrows furrow a bit but he doesnt answer. I continue to wipe the blood from his skin.
"Theres no scaring you away is there?" He eventually mumbles.
I smile, "I guess not."
He nods, "Good...Im really counting on that." His eyes scan me some more. "Did I get all this blood on you?"
"Its ok," I assure him. "Im just glad youre ok."
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