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CHAPTER 2: The Special Request

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Jen is asked to be Nikkis babysitter

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CHAPTER 2: The Special Request

I step off of the plane and am hit in the face by the warm California heat. I have just flown across the country from Charleston, South Carolina. I have gotten that much closer to meeting Nikki at long last. I begin seeing people holding signs. Finally I see my name written on one. It is being held by a tall man in a cheauffer's suit. I walk over to him with my heart pounding in my ears.
"I'm Jennifer Rossi," I nervously smile.
"This way Miss," he replies rather expressionlessly as he takes my bags and starts walking in the opposite direction.
I practically have to run to keep up with his long legged stride. I wonder what the big rush is but I don't ask. I just try to keep up. He leads me to a long black stretch limo and opens the door. I am all smiles as I excitedly step in. As I breathlessly plop down on the seat I see a pudgy little man across from me.
He smiles and extends his hand, "You must be Jennifer. I'm Doc McGhee, manager for Motley Crue and your new boss."
My boss I think to myself, isnt Nikki my boss??? "Oh...I was under the impression that...that I was someone else's assistant..."
"You are going to assist one of my band members...uh Nikki Sixx. Do You know of him?"
Instinctually I want to shout, quiz me, but I don't want to come off as a groupie wannabe. "He plays bass...right?" I casually ask.
"Yes," he answers then pauses. His eyes nervously dart to his hands. "Nikki is more than just the bassist. He is the single most crucial member of the band...and the most..." He stops mid sentence.
"The most what?" I ask curiously.
His eyes look up at mine with a sigh, "The most trouble." He pauses again and studies me for a moment. "Nikki, over the last several years has become terribly addicted to drugs, the worst being heroin."
My lips part but I don't allow my jaw to drop. My Nikki is a heroin addict? How could I not know this?
"We've worked very hard to keep this out of the press. We've tried to get him help but nothing is working. We just need someone to basically babysit him. We want to know where he is and what he's doing. We need someone to make sure he's where he needs to be on time. We need someone that can assist him with daily life...can you do this Miss Rossi?"
I think for a moment and nod. It was Nikki Sixx. But I had no clue of what I was getting myself into.
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