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CHAPTER 1: The Dream Job

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Jennifer has waited all of her life to meet Nikki Sixx. Luckily her dream job allows her this special opportunity. Unfortunately she takes the job at the worst point of Nikkis drug addiction. Her ...

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Saving Nikki

CHAPTER 1: The Dream Job

As I look around my old room at my moms house I can still make out the outlines of where my posters of Nikki Sixx used to hang. He was definitely the only Rock Star crush I had ever had. None but him. I smile remembering the huge one of him that had hung over my bed. He was shirtless in it and i must have kissed that poster so many times that it was laminated in wax from my lipstick. I would dream of being able to go to a concert where I would meet him. I would romanticize about his lips and his hands, as well as a few other things. He was my dream, my perfect unattainable dream.
Now here I stand in this strange empty room, 22 and leaving home for the first time. I've graduated from college and a few strings have been pulled for me. My dad has landed me a job at an agency that supplies assistants to the rich and famous. I was given a list of about a hundred celebrities to choose from. About halfway down the list my eyes fell across his name...Nikki Sixx. There was no need to read the rest. My mind was already made up and all the names I has already read simply vanished from my mind. So here I am, leaving home to fly to LA and meet my dreams. I AM NIKKI SIXX'S NEW ASSISTANT.
I know everything there is to know about the fabulous Mr. Sixx. I know without him there would be no Motley Crue. It's all his dream, his lyrics, his persona and his ideas. I've read everything I can over the last 6 years about him. I know he's wild. I know he parties. I know he gets in trouble. However he is my Nikki, and to me he is perfect. I'm so excited not just to meet him but to spend time with him, lots of time. I just pray I'm not so star struck that I faint or something.
When I arrive in LA I'm supposed to be picked up at the airport by his manager Doc. I understand he has special instructions he wishes to give me before taking me to Nikki's house. At this point I'm still to flabbergasted to give it a second thought. I can't believe I am Nikki Sixx's new assistant! So I pick up my bags and head out to the airport, nervous, tense, and so excited to finally meet him.
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