Review for So Long and Thanks For The Fun

So Long and Thanks For The Fun

(#) CyanideCola 2014-07-21

Its so sad to see that you're leaving this sight but I know what you mean, ever since the split the mcr page on ficwad has dropped in authors, stories and R&Rs.

I will definatly keep reading your stories on other sites (you'll know if its me reviewing ;D) because they are all amazing and well written (I think I have some saved to my phone for offline reading -not wierd at all-) and I still cant wait for TLS awkward smile

Never stop writing
Cyanide xø

P.s. on your wattpad account are some of your other unfinished chaptered stories on there like HNTSS or TNGAW because they were awesome stories aswell... doesnt matter if they arent, just wondering!!

Author's response

TNGAW is on wattpad and I'm putting HNTSS on there soon! TLS is also being edited and posted on there too, I hope to see you on there and if you review so I know who you are I'll follow you!