Review for Just a Frerard Rec List

Just a Frerard Rec List

(#) nerds_assemble 2014-08-02

Classy list. :)

Ghost stories and B&Bs are the only things VT gets recognized for. But Anatomy of a Fall was good! Like hell G would get cell phone service, but it was good!

I'm sure these others are good, too...I read that Christmas one with the photos!! That was awesome.

How ya doin'? Have you spoken to Azure lately? I haven't seen her around much these days.

Author's response

Thank youu!

I hope I don't offend when I say I'm totally lost at what you mean?

Yes it was good!

They are all p good, from what I can remember...aww that Christmas one was really nice, y'know the kind of fuzzy and in character and soft that made you feel just...nice.

I'm really great, actually. Azure, well, you know how she is. Better to let her be. She's fine.