Review for Just a Frerard Rec List

Just a Frerard Rec List

(#) nerds_assemble 2014-08-05

Yeah, dude, it really is quite the collection. How'd you manage to find it all?

Hahahaah, no worries. I'm from VT, so it was kinda awesome to read a fanfic that took place in VT. Even though there's like, minimal cellphone service here. So when G was like, texting, that would so not happen. XD It was my sly way of bragging, honestly. Not very good, eh?

Yes! Totally. I don't really read much anymore. Just once in a while, y'know. But that one was warm, like, this sounds weird but it was one of the stories you could smell, y'know?

That's good to hear, dude. Any reason or is it just that summer hype? I get the fall hype because hello, it's damn gorgeous. And breezy.

But only fine? Tell her I said hi to her...I'm pretty sure I sent her a message a while back...? Ah, no worries. Apparently, I'm keen on rambling. :P

Author's response

Oh man I just devoured so much as a younger person, it was my thing. Books are works of art and deserve real attention to be heard like they are meant to, but my mind keeps getting so distracted all the time. Fanfiction is like, smaller scale and easier to grasp. Guilty pleasures.

There's always a kind of calm to have when things settle. I like to have that. No, no, dude, I really really want colder weather over this. Seriously.

She's probably hasn't seen the message yet, but I'll say hi for you if she comes around? Yeah definitely.