Review for "Allow me to join your tea party, perhaps??"

"Allow me to join your tea party, perhaps??"

(#) Alexandra_Day 2014-09-03

So I don't spend to much time on 'Hello's' because I find people tend to faulter a bit after 'hello'...

But I too am in Senior year... it is... it's something else, let's just say that. I've been here for like maybe three years... but in the last year I kind of disappeared to go and write Steve/Bucky Marvel AU's on AO3... but Frerard always reigns supreme...

I hope you feel better knowing there is someone out there who feels the same way as you.

And I really really hope you feel better soon because funnily enough depression kills! (My pysch told me that and I was like 'omg lol reaaaallly?' it was intense...)

Moral of the story is that I think we should be friends...

Hit me up

and we can be fucked up together.

Author's response

Whoa, depression kills?!
Alert the media! Sound the alarm! Wake the Beetle!!!

It helps to know I'm not wired differently but sucks to know maybe millions of people go through the same thing throughout their life :/