Review for Jamie Potter and the Laws of Magic

Jamie Potter and the Laws of Magic

(#) Cateagle 2014-12-12

My goodness, definitely a pair to draw to. I quite suspect that Dumbledore is not going to appreciate getting two for one in this case, especially when both are powerful and confident and neither has any real respect, or reason to respect, British wizarding traditions. Being Texan, I rather doubt they'll just bring wands to the fight and that should really bother folk.

Author's response

It's true, Dallas Aurors each carry a pair of glocks charmed to have infinite ammo
Plus, American magicals aren't very conventional in the wand area, Jamie herself owns hundreds of different foci that would be outlawed by the British ministry. Americans don't subscribe to the one wand per wizard rule either. I will expand on this in the next chapter.