Review for Kidnapped


(#) PansyAngel 2015-10-12

Hey there, sorry it's been like five days but I'm extremely distant from this website at the moment, not because I want to be, I'm just very busy so I haven't actually read this story until today. I haven't read any of your stuff before and I've been reading on this site for like nine years now, you must have been posting at a point where I was in hibernating.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't commented before but I am glad you decided to continue with a story anyway, and I liked it. I hope you keep posting 'cause I really enjoyed this.

BTW Congrats on finally bringing full stops in! Lol. Don't worry, we all make mistakes, I used to put full stops before speech marks and worse lol.

S xx

Author's response

Aha thank you! Oh my gosh I know! And I thought I was good at writing xD I still have a lot of bad writing habits but Im very rusty, thank you so much for commenting ^_^ xx