Review for Harry Quits

Harry Quits

(#) Staryfury0901 2017-06-19

The only question anyone should really ask about this is : Why would Harry want to stay after finding out ALL the responsible adults robbed him? Dumbledore did absolutely nothing in school or out to keep him safe so he's out. The rest of the staff at that dump were just as useless. All of them had their heads so far up Dumbledore's ass they were chewing his food for him! The less said about the ministry the better. If and I do mean if, you write a follow on to this, I think Harry and family'll have to totally clean house in the magical world. Otherwise the magical morons'll never fully stop trying to drag him back in. Whether or not they learn he did finally kill Vulturesnot. That would mean killing almost all the pure-blood families. Both light and dark. If Dumbledore should still be alive at that time, Harry'd have to kill him as well as he would never allow him to slip away again.