Review for Gene-Spliced Harry

Gene-Spliced Harry

(#) Staryfury0901 2017-09-13

I just looked at the reviews but my name ain't there. Now I know I've read this before and laughed just as much. So I just can't imagine why I didn't review it. Anyhow, this is great. Not only is Harry flirting with Tonks but he's causing real problems for the ol' bearded wonder blunder. Said blunder believes he can win the war against Riddle without killing any of the DEs. Oh sure he admits that Riddle has to die but he sure as hell learned absolutely nothing from the first war! He allowed most of the DEs to get off with a lie and a bribe. And look how well that turned out! As for Snape, I really don't know whose side he's on! That he's a spy is a given. But whose spy is the question. Then you've got the whole Order of the Uselessness. Unless the ol' bearded wonder blunder tells them to take action they simply watch as the DEs RAPE, TORTURE and MURDER. They can't even be called a reactionary group most of the time. Reaction implies they do something, take some action. The Auroras can't do anything as Malfoy pays Fudge to sit on his fat ass and do nothing. Except cut their funding. I wonder if he's simply an unmarked follower?