Review for Skeleton in the Long Black Coat

Skeleton in the Long Black Coat

(#) Gothie 2018-07-22

This was written so well, every sentence. And the further and further I read the more I kept asking myself how his parents will react because, well, their town is gothic all on it's own so seeing their son dressing as a goth I thought their reactions would be something along the lines of, "eh." And I wasn't disappointed! It made me laugh a little, lol.

Author's response

Thank you! I'd actually forgotten about my ficwad account, but logged in because this is the first review I've gotten from someone who figured out my initial reasoning -- I'd come across some fics where Jack and Sally's kid rebelled by dressing like they shopped at Hot Topic and was thinking, in this town wouldn't that be more office attire? And then basically everyone read it as a straightforward NBC fic and I felt too awkward to explain.