Review for A Play In ONE Act.

A Play In ONE Act.

(#) Ithilwen 2006-03-28

Official playwrighting format. I've not seen that in far too long. How very refreshing.

The first few scenes of this play just seem like a sea of stereotypes. There's no hint of any interesting conflict.

Abusive partners are an important issue, but you don't do anything new here. Billy's identity comes out of the blue with no real "Aha" to it. Your brushwork is excellent, but this is not a particularly original or interesting picture.

Nits & Typos:

"I know that you're cheating on me woman!" There should be a comma before woman.

"Yea, and you're friend's father has some information I need destroyed." "Yeah," has an H. ("Yea" is pronounced "yay," as in "Yea though I walk through the valley of death...") "Your," not "you're."

"he beat the crap out of my mother every nite!" In this format, it's best to use the non-abbreviated spelling, "night."

Author\'s Response: Thanks!! I changed the grammical errors that you listed, I didn't even realize that... but I did write this when i was a Sr. it wasnt that far in the past but, it wasnt recently.. I think I need to update this. But thanks for the reveiw and the nits and typos. anything other than official playwriting format is fucking retarded when you are writing a play or screen play or anything of the sort any how.