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A Play In ONE Act.

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Cadence thinks shes met mr. perfect. Hes everything that shes ever dreamed of. But is he hiding something deadly from her?

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Scene 1

SETTING: In CADENCE's room. On a Thursday night. It is about 7 p.m.

AT RISE: CADENCE and DEANNA are talking about boys and school.

(Enter CADENCE from the small bathroom
attached to her bedroom. CADENCE walks
over to DEANNA and sits on the bed
beside her.)


So, come on tell me. I know Robbie was like totally checking you out.

(/Smiles and laughs, embarrassed/)

No, NO! he was staring at /Lindsay /you KNOW how much he still likes her.

Well whatever, I think that you could have some potential with Robbie.

He's cute, but not my type Dee. Maybe he's yours, but not mine.

WHAT! Come on, Robbie is /everyone's /type.

(Pauses and laughs Cadence
joins in her laughter)

Cadence what exactly is your type?


I...I dunno... but not Robbie, defiantly not Robbie.

Well, anyways, I have got to get going. My dad wanted me home a while ago. See you in the morning?

Nope. But I will see you later at school though. Is that ok?

Ok you, I'll see you then. But hey, I'M GONE!


(DEANNA walks out the door and heads for home. CADENCE proceeds to get ready for bed, then turns out the light.)

Scene 2

SETTING: School before lunch near cafeteria entrance.

AT RISE: CADENCE stands waiting for DEANNA. Moments later, a very happy looking DEANNA runs up behind CADENCE grabbing her from behind.


Oh! Deanna you scared me!

(A bit out of breath)

I have the most exciting news Cade! Robbie Corrigan, the
best looking guy at our school, has changed lunches.

(looks confused, says sarcastically)

And that means...?

That means, that we can now see him everyday... we can, stare at him and all his beauty.

That is the single most pathetic thing I have ever heard. Lets just go talk to him.

(grabs DEANNA's arm and runs into the cafeteria. Going up to Robbie and his crew of friends, CADENCE taps Robbie on the shoulder.)

(Robbie Turns)

Yeah? What do you want?

(looks at CADENCE and
DEANNA and laughs)

Just to say hi. We've known each other for years and well, haven't said more than two words to each other. I just ... we just wanted to say hello. How have you been?

Excuse me, do NOT talk to me! I don't talk to losers...


/OR /their friends. Now leave and don't come near me again you dorks.

(turns away and laughs with crew.)

(DEANNA and CADENCE walk away)


Well, now I don't like him.

Oh man, that makes me so mad. I didn't think we were losers! I told you he wasn't my type.

That's because we aren't losers. He thinks everyone who isn't in his "crew" is a loser. I gotta go Cade. I hope that's ok. I'll call you later?

Yea, ok bye Dee. I'll talk to you whenever then.

(DEANNA runs off. Cadence stands still for a moment before turning to go. As she turns, she bumps into the new guy at school, BILLY.)

(/at the same time, CADENCE and BILLY try to apologize to each other/.)

I didn't see you there. I really am sorry I ran into you.

I wasn't watching where I was going either. It's ok, I'm the one who should be sorry.

(pauses for a second)

I'm Billy Narine, I just transferred here.

/(extends hand to Cadence/)

And you are?

Huh? Oh, I'm Cadence Mitchell.

(takes Billy's hand and shakes it)

Hi Billy.

Here, I'll walk you to class.

Oh, I guess that's ok. So, you from Long Beach?

Nah, I'm from Texas. Just moved here actually. I needed a change.

(They talk for a few more minutes,
sharing things about each other.)

Well Cadence, it has been really cool talking to you. It is so hard to make friends in a new town.

I know, and no problemo.

Look I don't want to sound to forward, I mean I know we just met and all but I was wondering if it would be wrong to ask you to a movie tonight?

Oh, well no I guess not. Just call me later, we can make plans.
(/gets a pen and piece of paper /
from her bag, and jots down her

Here you go Billy.

(bell rings, CADENCE panics)

I have to get to class! Bye!

(Raises arm up, holding number in the air.)


(Lowers arm and looks at the number.)

Scene 3

6 months later...

SETTING It is 6 p.m. on a Saturday and DEANNA and CADENCE are sitting on the swings in the nearby park.

AT RISE BILLY and CADENCE have been a couple for about 6 months. The first 3 or 4 months seemed perfect, but lately BILLY has changed. He is now more possessive and worries more than normally. At the park, DEANNA is trying her hardest to warn CADENCE of danger. But she wont listen.

Billy didn't want me to come alone, but his neighbor
needed help with something. So, he couldn't come.


that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Does he
seem...possessive to you?

Possessive? NO! he just wants to be with me. It's
because he loves me. It's normal, and you don't have a
thing to worry about.

Normal? God,
(stands up getting off swing
and looks away from CADENCE)

Are you kidding?
(turns to face CADENCE)

He wont even let you talk to or go out with your friends
with out him! He makes you feel like you have to tell
him everything, and I'm surprised that he let you come
hang out with me tonight. Because, that is what he did
Cade, he LET you come.

You don't know what you are talking about Dee. He loves
me, he told me he did. That's why he's like that, Dee
that's how love is!

Wow, he sure does have a funny way of showing you he loves
you. And that isn't how love is. I know he is
abusive Cade! Don't think that I haven't noticed that
bruise on your upper arm.

(points to Cadence's arm)

HEY, that was an accident Deanna! He just didn't want me
to go to class just yet. He didn't do it purposely. It
wasn't his fault!

Oh, you know what, I am not going to argue with you. If
you don't want to listen to me, well, then fine. I just
want you to know that you need to be careful. You may
think you are in love, but you cant do everything he
says. You have mind of your own and if he really loved
you he would respect that. Cade I wont interfere, I'll
stay out of your way, but if you ever need someone, you
know I'll be there. I was there before Billy and I will
be here after Billy as well.

(DEANNA leaves CADENCE and goes home.)

/ /Scene 4

SETTING It is the following night after DEANNA and CADENCE's argument in the park. It is also BILLY and CADENCE's anniversary.

AT RISE They are getting ready to go out to celebrate. BILLY starts getting angry.

I know that you're cheating on me, woman!

(points finger in CADENCE's face)

(swats Billy's hand away)

What are you talking about Billy? You're crazy, I don't
know where you are getting this from.

I know that you were out with another man last night.
I'm not stupid. I know you're foolin' around on me

No, you know damn well that I was with Deanna. You
didn't come. That was your choice, so don't you dare
accuse me of cheating.

Ok fine. You won't admit it then whatever. But you'll
be sorry.

Excuse me? Billy what on earth does that mean? Did you
just threaten me?

I merely warned you. That is not considered a threat.

(He says dryly and then walks into kitchen)

(kitchen door closes, BILLY digs into his pocket
and pulls out two Valium's. crushing them, he puts
them into CADENCE's drink. Then, walks out and
hands it to her.)

(takes glass from Billy's outstretched hand.)

Thanks i guess.

(drinks half of her drink in the glass,
then starts to feel a bit weird.)

Billy? What is wrong with me? I feel... like I can't
stand anymore, I can't...

(passes out and begins to fall
Billy catches her in his arms)

(Billy puts Cadence in his car and drives to an old
abandoned house. There, he locks Cadence to the railing
in the basement.)

/ /Scene 5

a few days later...

SETTING CADENCE hasn't been heard from in two days. Worried, CADENCE's parents and DEANNA send out a missing persons report out for CADENCE and BILLY, but the search has thus been inconclusive.

AT RISE DEANNA and her FATHER are talking with one of the cops at the station and DEANNA's father decides that it would be a good idea to run a background check on BILLY.

Billy Narine?
(Looks at DEANNA)

Yeah, that's him.

(FATHER sits silent for a moment and
gives DEANNA a quick worried glance.)

What is it dad?

It says Billy Narine was involved in an accident, Drunk
driving it seems. He was driving down the road with his
friend Josh Natlin.

(Pauses and scrolls
down page to read on)

Josh recieved some serious injuries...

And Billy?/ /

Deanna, Billy is...well, he's dead Dee.

(shocked, moves towards computer screen)

Huh? But...then, how is he...

(looks up at Deanna)

Oh wait, it says that there are pictures,

(scrolls down screen)

There we are, Billy and Josh.

Look dad, That's Billy.

(points to Josh's picture.)

No Dee, that's Josh.

(both are silent for a moment,
then the realization sets in.)

Oh god, he took Billy's identity! So, Josh
But what on earth would make him feel he had to take
Billy...the real one's identity?

(cop enters holding a file)

Hey, got some more news for ya, that Josh kid?
He killed his father. Says that his mother was being
beaten, so one day when his father was passed out drunk
on the couch he shot him. Right between the eyes killed
him with one bullet.

Well, that explains alot, idenitiy wise.

Better news is that we just got a call, and well we know
where Cadence is.

Can we come? Please?

(COP pauses a moment
hesitant to say yes.)

Okay, but you stay in the squad car.

(They all exit one by one, hurrying
/to get to CADENCE's rescue.)/

Scene 6

SETTING In the dark basement of an old house. Before Police knowledge of where CADENCE is and after.

AT RISE CADENCE cuts the rope that is binding her hands together, by rubbing it on the railing. Free of the staircase, CADENCE spies a phone behind some cleaning supplies on a shelf. She can hear BILLY's footsteps coming towards the door.

(CADENCE picks up phone
reciever and dials police)

HELP ME!! I've been kidnapped.

Calm down sweetie, do you know where you are? Who is
keeping you there? I know you're scared, but you need to
tell me so we can come get you.

I'm...I'm, I don't know where I am. My boyfriend, Billy,
he drugged me and i don't remember anything. I...I just
woke up here.

(Crying, BILLY's
footsteps get closer.)


Don't let him know you're on the phone. I want you to
lay the phone down so that you stay connected, but go
back to where you were so he won't suspect anything. We
will trace your call.

(Doing what the DISPATCHER
told her, she lays the phone
on the reciever as to not
hang up, and runs back to the
railing where she was bound.)

(opens door to basement and
storms down stairs.)

WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Are you stupid? How dare you try to
free yourself!



(tries to hit BILLY,
BILLY grabs an ashtray
and hits her in the head.
CADENCE is knocked un-
concious for about 5 minutes)

(finally CADENCE awakes to
see BILLY standing over her.)

(slumps back toward wall)

What is wrong with you Billy? Kidnapping? You'll never
get away with this.

(suddenly becomes more frightened)

Are you going to kill me?

(Laughs vindictively)

No no no, I won't kill you, IF you cooperate. See I am
not who I told you. / /My name is Josh Natlin.

Yeah, and your friend's father has some information I
need destroyed.

Well why me then? I don't understand Billy. Tell me why
didn't you just go after Dee? Why me?

(CADENCE suddenly becomes aware
of her head wound from the ashtray.)

HaHa see thats just it, your friend wouldnt give me the
time of day. So i best thing. Her best
friend. And it was oh so easy.

You betrayed me! How could you? What could be SO
important in those files? Its not like you /killed /someone!

(Billy looks up at her with
an evil grin on face, Cadence
lets out a gasp.)

Oh god, you did kill, who? When? And ... WHY?

My dad.

(raises voice.)

But he had it coming. He was always drunk, and
he beat the shit out of my mother every fucking night! (/He lowers his voice and looks at CADENCE with a dead stare sending shivers down her spine/)It was
actually quite easy. Then there was the accident. Billy
and I, he was drunk and well, we crashed. He died and
so, i took his idenity.

(pulls out knife from back pocket
and flashes it in CADENCE's face.)

If i have to, I will have no problem getting rid of
(CADENCE sqirms and closes
her eyes crying, COP appears
in doorway)

FREEZE! Drop your weapon and slowly turn away from the

(Billy stands up and slowly turns,
dropping the knife on the ground.)

I'm giving up officer, don't shoot. I didn't hurt her.
I wasn't going to. I..I..I was just, scaring her.

(more police officers appear in
doorway to arrest Billy.)

(Turns to Cadence)

Are you alright there Cadence?

(helps CADENCE up and wraps
blanket around her.)

I... I think so, my head hurts, he hit me with something.

You're alright now. He's going to jail, for kidnapping
and for the death of his father. You're safe. The
paramedics are going to take you to the hospital ... ok?


(DEANNA and her FATHER run to
CADENCE as is taken to the

Scene 7

A few months later...

SETTING CADENCE and DEANNA are sitting in CADENCE's room.

AT RISE Its been about 2 months since CADENCE's ordeal. Now more focused on Graduation, she and DEANNA are talking about their futures.

So, USC? Or UCLA? Or another school entirely?


(laughs and sits down on bed)

Where ever you go, I am totally dead against going to
school out here. I want to get as far away from this place
as possible. /Actually, /I got into NYU. So, after
graduation I will be getting ready to move to New York.

(smiles at DEANNA)

So, this summer will be our last one together unless... you
come to visit me?

For sure. God, can you believe we are graduating?

Oh I know, its still such a new idea for me. And this
past year has just been so,

(pauses and turns to Deanna again.)

interesting? Well, whatever. Look lets go to sleep, we
have a lot to do and plan tomorrow.

Yeah, you're right Cade.


I'm tired, wow, REALLY tired.

(Lies down on bed. And turns out light.)


Yeah Cade?

Thank you for being my best friend. I know you tried to
warn me about Billy. And I didn't listen. I really do
love you Dee.

Anytime Cade, Anytime.

(both girls fall asleep.
Everything is finally ok.)


Authors note: It's formatted differently on here only because the way that it's supposed to be formatted is not readable by the codes. I wrote this for a creative writing class in my sr. year of highschool so please just be nice about it. no need to get snippy if there are spacing or format probs. as i have already explained that it wasnt readable the other way on here. ^_^
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