Review for The Root of All Evil

The Root of All Evil

(#) Electric_Sapphire 2006-12-01

I'm very glad I read this story, although the hilarity of it had me draped over my keyboard, hysterical, for about five minutes and prompted my mom to ask what I'd read (although she's almost used to me breaking out in laughter when I read fanfic by now). As a fellow new-to-FMA author, I have to say, welcome to the fandom and good job! This story was wonderful. I couldn't stand to see it with no reviews, although by the time I got around to reviewing on my own, you had one. :D But still. The beauty of this story is that it wouldn't actually happen, but you've written it so that it seems like it could happen. Kudos! (And your HP fanfic is great, too!)