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The Power

(#) apocalypso 2006-04-03

I was just reading your reviews, and i noticed the one that castigated you about the spelling of legilimency or whatever.

Forget him...but just for reference, i'm pretty damn sure JK doesn't use the words in the book. She uses 'legilimency' and 'occlumency', but she never gives a term for those that practice the mind arts. While you could obviously stick with 'legilimencer' like you have in previous chapters, i've seen 'legilimens' and 'occlumens' used quite commonly in the HP fandom to give a title to the people that use the two skills.

I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter, though i have to express some disappointment about the animagus form. THe whole dragon/phoenix/basilisk/panther idea has been used so much, it would have been refreshing to see a new form.

Then again, i have full faith that you will use this form to it's full capacuty, and not just make it a cool party trick for Harry to have.

"Oh guys...check it out!"

poof Harry becomes a dragon.

applause from awed spectators

I realize that not many animagus forms are really that intimidating, or cool, which is why people often fall back on the above forms. It's sad, but making up animals usually fails pretty badly.

Good luck with writing, and i hope to read the next chap. BTW, your fic has a thread on DLP, i noticed you're a member there. It's in the library section under 'general'.


Author\'s Response: Yeah, I chose this form for a specific reason...which I am not going to tell you (I'd ruin the story, don't cha know). Also, can you imagin someone who had all the magic contained in a philosopher's stone to be something normal? A goose, maybe? I argued with myself about the clishe-ness for a while before I gave in (at least he's not a pheonix, eh?).I suppose you posted this before I put up a post on DLP. Thanks for the heads up anyway.