Review for Sets of Three, They Say...

Sets of Three, They Say...

(#) whatkatydid 2006-12-15

hundredacreeyes (21:51:00): uh, i did it.
hundredacreeyes (21:51:02): it's posted.
hundredacreeyes (21:51:08): enjoy yourself.
KatyDidThat (21:51:28): I think ficwad is back up
KatyDidThat (21:51:30): ha!
KatyDidThat (21:51:33): HAHAHA
hundredacreeyes (21:51:42): that's incredible.
KatyDidThat (21:51:53): it's almost like I tricked you......
hundredacreeyes (21:52:00): it is kind of.
hundredacreeyes (21:52:07): but when i tried to go there it wasn't working either.
KatyDidThat (21:52:33): phew!
KatyDidThat (21:53:27): omg
KatyDidThat (21:53:46): i'm going to type my reactions in here as I read....
KatyDidThat (21:54:51): ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hundredacreeyes (21:55:02): HAHAHAH.
KatyDidThat (21:55:46): ok
KatyDidThat (21:55:48): ok
KatyDidThat (21:55:49): ok
KatyDidThat (21:56:22): She brought her hand up to his face, running her finger over his newly moistened bottom lip.
KatyDidThat (21:56:31): are you trying to kill me????? seriously!!1
hundredacreeyes (21:57:15): hahahahahaha.
KatyDidThat (21:57:16): almost as if they, the two of them– had created another language no one else would be able to learn.

KatyDidThat (21:57:18): amazing
hundredacreeyes (21:58:10): brb.
KatyDidThat (22:01:12): “I love you, and I believe you.” He kissed her.
KatyDidThat (22:01:26): Ok, hankies, plonk and mini heroes please.
KatyDidThat (22:01:30): DAMN.....