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Giving a Whole New Meaning to Non-Verbal Communication

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She looked at Patrick, waving her hands in the air to make conversation.

"Truth." He nodded, and she continued signing. "What's the one thing you could see me do that would make you happy with me? I mean really happy. The one thing that I could do to convince you that I really am brave and intelligent and beautiful...and normal." He cupped her face in his hands.

"All of the things you've already done are enough for me, my Meg. I promise. The only thing I want to see out of you now is true happiness. I want you to hear. I want you to enjoy music and laughter and voices. I love the sound of graphite on paper, or coffee brewing and I want you to know those things too. I want you to know them so I can feel like I have something I deserve, not like I have something you deserve when I can't give it to you." She kissed his nose, as it was becoming regular fashion, and he pressed his forehead against hers. After, he moved to nuzzle his face in her neck, but she pushed him away. Patrick adjusted his glasses, more than surprised by her rejection of affection.

"Okay?" He said, putting his monkey-sporting hat back on his head.

"I'm doing it. I'm going to hear. I'm going to have the surgery. Patrick, I'm going to hear you sing to me. I want to hear you sing to me more than I want to be....different, or whatever my fucking stupid reason was for considering not having this surgery. I want to do this for you." Meg stood on her knees, and scooted herself closer to him, taking his face in her tiny palms.

They kissed. A celebration kiss, you could say. Meg lowered her stance from knees to shins, and leaned further into Patrick, making the kiss full-frontal as her hands rested on his shoulders. It didn't take but a moment for him to respond, causing her eyes to flutter open with surprise as his kiss sparked curiosity in her.

His hand timidly wrapped around her back, attempting to bring her closer to him as he sat on his piano bench. The movement caused her to lose her balance and gracelessly land in his lap. Meg stood quickly and began to apologize awkwardly, her hands making the movements as she kept her eyes towards the floor.

Patrick grabbed her hands to slow them to a stop, standing up to grab her chin and tilt it towards his face. She kept her gaze on his shirt until he dipped his head down to stare at her. She watched as his two light orbs darted slowly back and forth between hers, a light smile taking over his features when he found what he was searching for.

Her confusion didn't last long. His hand came up to cup her cheek, rubbing his thumb slowly over her skin. He used his other hand to lace his fingers with hers as he began to walk backwards down the hallway.

She kept her eyes on him as he guided her through a doorway. She didn't question it when the light flicked on to reveal his bedroom. She turned around to see him leaning against the doorway, his eyes searching everything in her for an answer to his obvious question.

Her mind wanted to go through the "what if's" and "maybe I shouldn't's", but her feet moved quickly to him, and her fingers laced with his to gently pull him across the threshold. She swallowed her thoughts and swung the door shut behind him, bringing her hands up to rest on either side of his face.

Patrick leaned down to place another lingering kiss on her lips, and he could feel the apprehension tugging her thoughts away from the situation. As a desperate attempt to be sure he was receiving all of her attention, he wrapped his arms around her back and used his hands to pull her closer to him. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, letting his right hand inch up her back to rest between her shoulder blades. Her hands loosened against his chest, and within seconds slid up and around his neck.

He pulled back for a second to reassure her with a glance, taking a bold step backward, grabbing her hands to ease her towards the bed. Butterflies swarmed her chest as she looked down at the wrinkled comforter, and she blinked hard before taking a seat and pulling him to stand in front of her.

She released her grip and brought her hands up, beginning to form words but stumbling over herself. Patrick pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, and kneeled down to be eye-level with her.

She brought her hand up to his face, running her finger over his newly moistened bottom lip. He rested his hands at either side of her body, moving his head until he felt his nose come in contact with hers. His eyes searched her face, and in that close proximity the only view he received was from her eyes. They were nervous, but they were serene at the same time. Everything about her seemed to contradict itself, and that thought caused a small smile to grace his lips.

When his lips met hers this time, it only furthered his suspicions. The way she nibbled softly at his bottom lip, the way her hands rested almost weightlessly on his shoulders...the way she seemed almost too willing to let her back meet the mattress as he hovered over her.

He pealed her shirt from her body carefully, noting the way her hair fanned over the comforter like silk threads. He made sure his eyes stayed connected to hers - almost as if they, the two of them- had created another language no one else would be able to learn.

His hand ran up the length of her bare side, initiating the goose bumps with the trails his fingers wove. She pushed up on his chest, causing his breath the catch in his throat. He didn't want to push her, he decided, and pulled himself up to rest on his arms. He let his eyelids close, trying to concentrate on anything but the events that had just taken place. That moment was short lived as he felt her tiny fingers nimbly working the button on his pants. His eyes opened in surprise, and he caught sight of her timid smile which widened as she tugged on the hem of his jeans.

He connected his lips to hers as he shrugged out the rough denim pants, being not quite brave enough to reach for the button on hers. She observed the look on his face as she began to free herself from the confines of her dark colored jeans, breaking the kiss to push them down over her legs. His eyes scanned the newly exposed skin, and his hand reached down to caress her thigh.

She watched in wonder as his eyes followed the trail his fingers left, up her left leg, over the top hem of her panties, and back down the right. She held her breath in anticipation; more in awe of the way he seemed to be memorizing her body with those two senses.

When he was satisfied with his odyssey, he traveled back up to let his lips meet hers. Her fingers loped around the elastic band of his boxers, sending a tingle through his body as he complied with her request to shed the thin fabric from his body. She shifted to the headboard, pulling back the blanket before discarding her panties.

Patrick hovered over her, placing small kisses on her neck until his lips met her ear. "Meg..." He trailed off, reeling his head away from her neck to make eye contact, knowing that even despite the communication issues, the sound of his voice wouldn't speak loud enough.

She wrapped her arms tighter around his back, opening her legs wider to provide him with the assurance he was searching for with his eyes.

He entered her slowly, placing hungry kisses on her lips as if they fueled him to continue. Her delicate fingers roamed his back, shoulders, neck...anywhere they could reach. They stabled themselves at the back of his head, running through his light hair and pulling his lips down to hers.

She could feel him trying to control his movements at a slow and steady pace, keeping in sync with his breathing that softly tickled the side of her cheek. Her grip tightened in his hair while she moved herself against him, finding the rhythm he created and echoing it. He felt her moans reverberating from her chest onto his as he quickened his pace, anchoring his right hand at her hip. Her arms tensed around his back and her lips met his, a series of breathless sighs escaping her lips.

She went weak in his arms as the sweat beaded at his forehead. She felt his muscles tense under her palms and he dipped his head down to met her lips before his arms seemed to give out.

His body was flush against hers, both chests rising simultaneously to try to expel the air in their lungs but neither really wanting to fully recover.

Patrick lay, his head against her shoulder, as Meg gently wiped his bangs off of his sweating forehead to get his attention. He turned to look at her.

"Can I tell you something?" He smiled, and kissed her.

"I don't think there's anything you should be too afraid to tell me anymore, Meg." She pulled his comforter up around her shoulders.

"I know this is silly, and completely improbable that you'd feel the same way, but this is huge for me. I don't do thing, or boyfriend thing very I'm sure you'd guessed, but I really think that it's important for you to know that now, it's so much more than that. As long as you're here, I'm not going anywhere. My feelings for you are so much bigger than...what just happened." He held her hands, cutting her off.

"Are they love?" She stared at him.

"What?" He let go, and put his forehead against hers, spelling out the words with his finger on her bare arm.

"A-r-e t-h-e-y l-o-v-e?" She smiled, and ran her hand along the place his fingers had previously traced.

"It hasn't been that long...would it not be okay if it was love?" He looked at her, smiling at her nervousness.

"It would be perfectly fine." Her eyes widened. "I've been a little too apprehensive to tell you the same thing."

"What? That this is all okay?" He shook his head.

"No. That this less-sensible side of me, is obviously me loving you. That's' the only explanation for the 4 weeks I've spent thinking about nothing but your smile and your character, and the way you bite the inside of your lips when you're not happy. Meg, I've never done this. I'm as new at this as you are. Please know that this isn't a gimmick, or a trick to make what just happened happen more often." Meg smiled at his nervousness, which was quite apparent.

"I love you, and I believe you." He kissed her.

A celebration kiss, you could say...

a/n: big, huge, monster, ginormous credit goes to pixied_secrets for helping me with some of the content of this chapter (actually, most of it). it just wouldn't have happened (well, it might have, but not well) without her.
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