Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) Mcrz-Wifey 2006-12-16

This story is absolutely amazing. THE BEST. I've never really expirienced a Gerard fanfic before and only recently began truly appreciating him...but this story totally made me fall for him. Its beautiful, moving...a complete masterpiece. I never want it to end. Amazing work. ^^

Author's response

Thank you so much. It is strange to say but this story sort of took on a life of its own when I began writing it. I almost deleated the first chaper 3 times before posting it. I didn't think anyone would like it. Many of the incidents in the story are based on actual events. I have never met Gerard Way but I truly believe he is a good person. He seems to care so much for the fans. All of the members do. To me that is one of the things that makes MCR so special. Thanks again.