Review for Loser


(#) lilyqueen777 2006-04-12

"Matt is a loser. This isn't because he plays computer games, or the way he dresses, or his limp-zucchini biceps, or his hygiene, which is actually quite good. Matt well-knows that he's a loser, but if we asked him what is so loserly about him, he would not be able to articulate his answer."~those lines made me smile cause it reminds me of how high school is.

and this is interesting story...i love how paranoid mark was (or maybe that's how i interpret the story) cause he always hear loser!

i'm not sure about the cyinism but still...

Author's response

I was trying to show that even paranoid people aren't always too paranoid. Whatever his other failings, Matt does have an accurate idea of how people think of him. (sigh) For Matt, it didn't end at high school. That's the sad part.