Review for To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

(#) xImRadx 2006-12-23


Like WOA!! What just happened!? Ryan better have turned it twice! This story is so cute...UNTIL MY FAVORITE PERSON DIES!!! Erm, sorry. Lol.

Your story is so freakin good! My gosh! Your awsome. Your like, my story hero lol. I luff Bden and Ry storys and I have been looking for one like all week and then you finally apeared and I was like yay!!

Its a really interesting story, and even though the plot line has been done before (bren and ry being together)you definatly put a new spin on it. And I LOVE it!

Your crazy cool. Poor Bden! I miss him I wanna stab whoever stabbed him...It was Lizzy(I dont remember her actual name) wasnt it! Or his dad possibly? I dunno...but I cant wait till he gets back, and hopefully him and Ry will live happily ever after. I sure hope so.

YOur a good writer and I like your style...please update soon. PLEASE! I will luff you forever if you do. And if you dont...I will poke you repeatedly with a stick. Its your decision. Lol.

Ps...what are you gonna do to him when he wakes up!? I hope it isnt to terrible, or that he is different or anything.

Pps: Have you seen pictures of the group, Bren and Ry are always, like VERY close...always basically ontop of each other. Even in my theorie is, they just might have something actually going on, cause look at pictures, its kinda OBVIOUS! but I dont care cause there cute together.

Well keep writing and update soonn. Sorry for the long review, but i read the whole story and then made one big review. ^^

Much luff
-Kim (Im obviously pretty rad)

Author's response

Well will be up later.
And thank you for picking me as your favorite writer. I'm flattered.

And don't worry theres a lot more to come.

I'm sorry I killed BDEN! I didn't mean to but I had to have something to do to change the plot.

but when he goes back it's...creepy. lol

and yes you are radtastic!