Review for The Twelve Days Of Christmas

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-12-31

Blinking open her eyes, the room was dull which meant it was dull outside, which meant she was dull inside. -> Yet another of those language things I'm a sucker for. drools

What a coincidence! It's New Year's Eve here, too! (Har har?)

allowing the fruity properties to refresh her senses she nodded. -> I found this very funny. ;) Maybe not what you had in mind but I totally dig it nonetheless. :)

"chubby little ears" -> I guess that's what it MUST say in Hat Rack's passport under "distinguishing features". Ha. Hit the nail right on the head, Katress.

A GODDAMN HOUSE?! That cheapskate Bart won't even buy me my own pony. (Yeah, I know. I should really leave him for good. For you.)

Yeah, so they FUCK. Nice, Katy. Real nice.

I owe you a rating point as I ran out of them little suckers yesterday.

I love this chapter. There was nothing really sad in this one, I think. That was a nice break for our hearts.

Thanks for responding to my lame reviews. If it wasn't for Stu (or the ocean)... I guess we'll never know...

P.S.: I'm at Bart's now. He's wasting time in the bath tub (too much info, sorry) so I decided to check ficwad. Your story's the only one I'll read today as we're gonna spend New Year's Eve drinking plonk and playing poker with his parents. I will earn the dough for OUR little house. Talk soon, wifey! :)