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The Seventh Day Of Christmas - 31st December

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Determined to reinstate the romance in you all....

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The Seventh Day Of Christmas - December 31st

Blinking open her eyes, the room was dull which meant it was dull outside, which meant she was dull inside. Pouting her lips she frowned in annoyance.

"Morning!" He chimed, coming in with a tray, she sat up and he laughed at her bedraggled hair.

"Hey." She croaked out.

"Hey - I need more than a hey, not only is it the 7th Day of Christmas, It's New Years eve and it's our 2nd Anniversary!" He smiled, placing the tray on the bed and climbing on, pushing a kiss against her morning lips.

"Yeah..." She croaked, shoving a hand in her knotted hair and shaking it off slightly.

"Sorry cookie." She said in a gruff voice. She took the glass of orange juice and took a long sip, after allowing the fruity properties to refresh her senses she nodded.

"I have to work for a few hours this morning, then I got the afternoon off. Are you staying?" He asked. She nodded.

"Can I take a bath?" She asked,

"Sure!...It'll do you good..."

He got home earlier than planned and again, cursed his Chevy, leaving it in the parking bay. The house smelt fresh and upon not so close inspection, saw how tidy and clean it was.

"Ella." He said with a little smile, seeing all his books neatly aligned on the shelf.

"Sweety?!" He called.

"With the ducks!" She hollered back. He laughed and but his bag down, making his way to the bathroom. He peered in the door and smiled as he saw the had filled the tub right up to the top, bubbles were massed in mounds of discretion.


"So, where are the ducks?"

"D'uh! They fly south for winter..." she said, he laughed again.

"How was work?" She asked, wading her hand through the water.

"Great - I day dreamed of you in the bath the whole time!" He said dreamily. She laughed now and sprinkled water over him. She sat up and pulled her knees up.

"Come here a second." She said softly, he came in and knelt down over the bath.

"We're a special couple right?" She asked. His thumb ran over his lips.

"I think we're pretty cute!" He said, she smiled wide.

"Are you absolutely sure about a baby?" She asked, he seemed a little taken back.

"I mean, how much does it mean to you?" She asked.

"Ella, it's means everything to me." He said. There was no expression on her face, her eyes just watched him, waiting for a tell tale sign that would say it was a lie. There wasn't one.

"What's going on in here?" He whispered, tapping her head softly.

"So much!" She said, he smiled and she laughed a little.

"Mainly.....the thought that maybe it's not gonna happen for us....and so, what does that mean for us!" she said, rubbing her hand down her leg and under the water.

"Hey?" He said. She kept her face down.

"Hey?" He said again, lifting her face.

"It will happen, and if not on our own.........then we'll get help." He said.

"Really?" She whispered.

"Ella!? Of course!" he reaffirmed.

Her eyes smiled as she nodded,

"And as the cutest couple - do you have any idea how cute our baby's going to be?" He asked.

"What - with your chubby little ears?" She asked with a frown.

"Hey!" He whined, touching his ears.

The lack of words between them both meant they were dwelling on the prospect of their child. The longer it was taking, the more their anticipation grew and the more certain they became that they wanted a child.

"Y'know..." He said, pushing his fingers through the water.

"We should move in together." He said succinctly.

"We should." She said straight away.

"Oh....I was just...." He said, his face suddenly turning red.

"Oh my god!" She moaned, seeing the awful mistake.

"Oh my god!" She said again and put her head in her hands.

"Sweety?" he said, she lifted her head to see a huge grin on his face, he had a key held up.

"You son of a -" She stopped and moved a huge amount of water over him and he shrieked.

She stood up and leapt out the bath and he ran out the bathroom, grabbing a towel she ran after him.

"See there's a reason why we shouldn't breed - they'll have your horrible sense of humour and your......your stupid face pulling!" She shouted. His mouth fell open and she stood still, nodding her head.

"Yeah.....yeah I said that!" she nodded.

"Right!" He said coming towards her and now she was the one running, on cue his doorbell went.

"This isn't over Annerson!" he warned her and laughed, running to his bedroom.

31st December 2004

He handed her the champagne glass and she smiled slightly, taking it and pulling it to her lips, a long gulp would calm her racing nerves.

"So....How's work?" He asked, she glanced at him.

"It's your style..." She said, he looked down, fidgeting.

"I'm sorry!" She said immediately, seeing that he didn't see the funny side of it.

"I'm really sorry - I was trying to be funny." She said, touching his arm.

"Nah it's ok...I'm not a great communicator." He said. She looked him up and down, he was the same height as her and she was drawn to his incredible features. Before long, she had spent more than half a minute staring at him and his shyness.

"I bet you're a fantastic communicator!" She said, he looked at her suddenly, she was sipping another long take of champagne.

"I think you're scared to make a move on me Patrick and it's a damn shame cos I'm so very very interested..." She said.

"Hey guys!" Joe bulldozed in, slinging his arm around both their shoulders.

"Joseph!" Ella said in excellent ex-girlfriend style.

"Hey Joe!" Patrick smiled.

They entertained the wasted Jew a little more before escaping to a quiet place at the bar.

"I'm interested too!" He spat out suddenly and she smiled coyly.

"That's what?" She asked, putting her martini glass back down on the wooden bar. Patrick glanced at the clock, it was about 5 minutes until midnight.

She stood up from the bar stool and watched his eyes as she brushed past him.

"Follow me..." She whispered.

"It's not working!!" She yelled to him as she twisted the key into his front door.

"It's not??" He asked, grabbing more shopping. Plans were to have a quiet new years eve together. She was making his favorite dish and she had a surprise for him that evening too.

"Lemme try!" he said, taking the key and trying. It wouldn't budge.

"Huh..." he said, looking at the key.

"Patrick?" she frowned as he walked down the path.

"The thing is..." he started, she laughed and followed him.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Oh - there's your problem!" he said, she looked at the house he'd stopped in front of.

"Huh?" She was perplexed.

"On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..." he said, slowly looking at the house.

Number 7 Havington Avenue.

She gasped.

"NO!!" she sighed, he handed her the key and she grabbed it, rushing up the pathway to the huge house. Shoving the key in the lock hard it clicked open and she screamed as it opened.

"Oh my god!!" She squealed. She ran back out and he got ready to catch her as she threw herself on to him, he spun her around.

"You are incredible!" She gasped, kissing him over and over. He carried her up to the house and over the threshold.

"Patrick??!" She sighed.

"I've had it for weeks - I've been dying to tell you!" He smiled. She was still in his arms and stared at the open space, the big kitchen, the wooden floors.

"Yeah..." she said, her eyes watered up.

"Welcome to our new home!" he smiled. She rested her head against his shoulder.

"I love you! God you have no idea how much! I love you so much!" she whispered and kissed him hard.

"This is the best new years ever..." she said as he poured her champagne and they sat on a blanket in their empty house. He handed her the glass and she watched as he took his.

"To our little world.." he said. She smiled.

"To our little world Patrick." She said back and they clinked glasses gently.

They could hear neighbors roaring in excitement as the countdown approached, fireworks already going off and even singing in the street.

"This years wasn't so bad..." She whispered as they kissed.

"Next year's going to be everything we've waiting for..." he said inbetween kissing her.

He laid her down on the blanket and they could hear people counting down, she slipped off his shirt and held him tight.

"Happy New Year!" She whispered.

"An ever happier new year to you..." He whispered back, kissing her deeply.

And they celebrated the incoming new year the way they always had done since the first time they started their relationship.
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