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The Sixth Day Of Christmas

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Our Fraternity's gone paternal!

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On the Sixth Day of Christmas - 30th December

A tall balding man came, he had the kindest face and he looked young for his age. His fingers were plump but they looked like they give great hugs and his eyes were the kind that just looked into your soul and kissed it better.

"Hey Ella!" He smiled, Ella smiled at him and watched as he walked round to her bed side and sat down on the soft chair.

"Hi!" She replied.

"So Dr Jacks asked me to come down and just spend a bit of time with you, help you with this Arrhythmia trigger."

Ella shook her head and laughed, airing on the side of sarcasm.

"There's really no trigger, I keep saying it's work related. I just can't deal with the pressure!" She said exasperated at having to repeat herself.

"Ella, the pattern or irregularity in your heart is a higher level than work stress. Consistent with patients who have what's called a trigger." He explained calmly, like he'd done it a thousand times before. Ella closely followed his eyes as he looked her over.

She remained quiet, making this man work for his salary.

"so everyone is telling me. What you want me to pull it quick cos - we could just get this over with?" She said coldly. He was shocked, he never saw that reaction coming, his mind sprang into action, he needed theat catalytic thought to bring this reaction back to a productive one.

"Frankly - I have no interest in talking to you, I want to go home and be with my family." She added, scorpion's sting.


"-I said I'm not talking, I've done the therapy, I've done the talking....I just wanna live my life."

"Can I just do that?" She asked. He stood up and nodded his head.

"Well, if you ever want to's my card!" He said handing it to her. Already rejecting the very idea of calling, her hand reached out and took it.

"Nice meeting you Ella." He said.


"So Trick has insecurity sex before he comes out with us!" Pete said to Joe. Patrick's mouth hung open and the train of utter humiliation ran through.

"Asshole!" Patrick sniped.

Joe laughed, stuffing another piece of pizza in his mouth.

"Apparently gay men hit on her all the time!" Pete smirked, Patrick stared him out again.

"What's your problem Wentz!?"

"I'm just kicking you in the balls dude...."

"At least I'm getting it...." Patrick muttered.

"Oh home boy - did you just use that line?" Joe asked, pizza spitting out his mouth.

"Burn on that...." Pete nodded, admitting his dehydration.

"Credit given where credit is due my biscuit - you gotta take it whenever they offer." Pete said, patting his shoulder affectionately.

Patrick nodded and smiled weakly, feeling a little uncomfortable discussing his sex life in front of Ella's ex boyfriend.

There was peace for a moment, all that could be heard was there silent enjoyment of double cheese and peppers on an grand pan base pizza.

"We're trying for a baby." He said matter-of-factly. Pete's cheese hung from his lip as he looked at Patrick.


"Yeah...." Patrick said, clasping his hands before him.

"As in...a child..." Joe asked, swallowing a mouth full.

"No as in a friggin' bovine, of course a child!" Patrick frowned at him. Pete's piece of cheese still hung from his lip.

"You wanna have kids?" Pete asked, his eyes searching out why he hadn't known such a huge part of his friend's life.

"Hopefully, I mean....We've been trying for like....nearly 10 months now...." He said.

"Shit...." Joe said.

"Yeah, so that's why.....y'know, cos of her cycle and stuff...." Patrick said, gesturing with his hands.

"You're having sex while I wait in the car....that is not cool....I'll tell the kid too - that it was conceived as I waited outside...." Pete said, Patrick laughed heartily and looked down.

"I really didn't think it was for Ella,, babies, nappies...." Joe said, Patrick felt a little uncomfortable.

"People change Joe." He said softly.

"I guess they do." He smiled back.

17th March 2006

The negative pregnancy test trembled in her hands and Ella wasn't sure how she felt. Opening the bathroom door, she saw a nervous looking Patrick stand up from her bed.

"All clear!" she sighed, holding up the test. Patrick glanced at it, clearly seeing the single blue horizontal line.

"Whoa..." he sighed and let out a breath.

"So that's good!" She chirped and wrapped it up in tissue paper, throwing it in the bin.

"Yeah!" Patrick agreed, watching her as she pulled both sides of her hair behind her ears, she nodded quickly and forced the smile.

"Ella?" He asked, seeing her weariness. She sat down on the bed and sat down next to her, putting an arm around her protectively.

"Just for a moment.......A very small moment.....I think I wanted it!" She said, looking at Patrick.

"Me too!" He said with a smile.

"Really?" She asked, her eyes lighting up slightly.

"Yes!" He smiled.

She gazed for a moment and laughed a little.

"I was already thinking about what it would look like....if it would be a girl or a boy..." She admitted, still gazing.

"I'm sorry..." He said softly, she smiled gently and kissed him.

"I don't know why you're apologizing but it's very sweet!" She smiled and kissed him again.

They reviewed their finances, the both owned homes, they didn't even live together, but they agreed when she fell pregnant, they would make the move then. Within a few weeks, they were well used to the idea that they wanted a baby and now it was just a case of waiting for mother nature.

Evening of the 6th Day of Christmas 2006

"Sweety?!" He called affectionately, hanging up his jacket after getting back from having beers with Pete and Joe. He walked through to the dining area and stopped in his steps. She was sat at the laid table, she lifted the wine glass to her lips and sipped it.

"Thought you'd be home a couple hours ago." She said straightly.

"Sorry, Ella I thought I told you, I thought you'd be in bed, I wasn't expecting dinner, you just got outta hospital this morning!" he said coming closer, she took another sip of wine and stood up. He could see she'd had the majority of the bottle.

"Don't you spend enough time with those jerks?" She scowled, her wine glass clunking with the table.

"Hey!" He frowned, annoyed at her provocation.

"Oh - What?!" She spat.

"You're not pretty when your drunk!" he said, taking her hand and waltzing her in to the kitchen.

"Sit!" He commanded and pushed her on to the chair, then taking a mug, prepared coffee.

"You shouldn't be drinking, what about the medication??" he asked angrily.

"I'm fine, stop lecturing.." she grumbled, resting her head in her hands.

"Ok - What's going on?" He asked, resting his hands on his hips.

"Nothing." She said

"You drink when you're upset, is it because I was out with the boys?" He asked.


"Then what Ella?" He asked again.

She dug her finger tips in her hair and took a deep breath.

"I'm not pregnant." She said. Patrick felt his heart slack a little. He was gutted.

He moved to her and embraced her from behind, hugging her tightly.

"Why?" She asked.

"It'll happen with time baby...." He assured her.

"How much time....Why when you really want something, do you have be twice as prepared not to get it?" She asked. He kissed her head gently.

"Stay positive!"

"I dunno if I can when all I'm getting is negative!" she sniffled. Patrick laughed a little.

"It's not funny!" She said, he made her stand up and turned her around.

"You're right it's not just have a way with words!" He smiled. She smiled too and he kissed her

"We will have a baby!" He smiled more.

"It's just I really want it now...." She gasped, kissing him, he didn't need persuading and allowed her hands to unbutton his shirt.

"Oh like, right now?" He asked, she smiled and made him kiss her

"Yeah right now...." She whispered, letting her lips make contact with his neck.

"I just need to call my Mom-"

"-No you don't...." She said, pulling him back and kissing him.

"You're right I don't!" He gasped back, wrapping his arms around her tightly and lifting her feet slightly off the floor, moving her to the bedroom, the door was kicked shut behind him.

He snored gently, it didn't irritate her like it did when they were first together. The imperfections she'd got to know in him, she'd covered over with a love she didn't even know she was capable of experiencing.

Ella pulled her knees up and leaned over the side of bed, picking up the music book he'd given to her. Running her hands over her silver threaded name again, she smiled. Opening it she let her eyes move over the blank music sheet, the paper was thick and made her want to write music on it.

"You'll need these...." He whispered, handing her a small wrapped present.

She looked at him as he rolled over and watched her, opening the present.

Six Sketching pencils.

The smile on her face as she opened it and saw them was priceless. She looked at Patrick.

"On the sixth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me - 6 sketching pencils!" He sand, she laughed hard.

"You're too cute you know that?" She smiled.

"Thank you!" She smiled, opening the packet and taking out a pencil.

She began writing, starting with the Bass Clef. Patrick smiled and she smiled at him.

"It's a start..." She said.

"It's a good start..." He added. She closed the book and put it down.

Switching off the light she laid back.

"Y'know we should just try once more cos y'know, I just wanna make sure I got it right because I wasn't sure I did it right the first time..." Patrick whispered, she giggled and rolled on to him.

"Whatever Stump....." she smiled and kissed him passionately.
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